Join Newspaper: A letter from a senior

I’ve been in Newspaper for three years, so it might be a little weird that this is my first article.  I’ve spent my time on the newspaper staff as a photographer, but I thought it was time to write an article to share how much this class has meant to me.

I have had some of the best experiences in my four years of high school in that class.  It’s a class that has given me a chance to express my perspective through my photography, and I’ve been able to watch my friends express their perspectives through their writing.

One great thing that I’ve always loved about the class is the fact that I met new people who are from different grades who I wouldn’t normally have classes with, or just someone who I wouldn’t normally be friends with. The friends that I have made in Newspaper have become some of my closest most trusted friends and I would even consider them a family. I’m in an environment where I get to learn what it’s like to have real deadlines and work with other people to meet those deadlines.

It’s also a class where my voice is always heard and I can rant on any topic I need to. You must follow the two rules though: 1. Don’t get Mr. Page fired. 1b. Don’t be racist 2. Get your stuff done. If you can follow these three rules you’re golden.

I personally think that everyone should take the class. You don’t even have to be a writer! You can be a photographer (like me!) or a graphics designer. I think that people should really consider taking Newspaper because it’s a class that I will always remember and I’m so glad that I was lucky enough to hear about it and take it my sophomore year. If you’d like to join newspaper please apply!