The Guide Right program benefits Metea students

A program that students know as guide right is a mentoring program that started at Metea four years ago. Guide right is for all students, and it helps pull them in the right direction of their education and behavior. This program gives students the opportunity for improvement behavior-wise and education-wise.

”The aspiration is to help young folk understand what they’re going to face once they graduate from high school,” chairman of guide right, Bob Ingram said.

Guide right gives students the opportunity to plan out the future. The members have discussions about college, jobs, scholarships and many other helpful topics. They gave out 18,000 dollars worth of scholarships last year to members of the program making the students more successful in college. They help students plan ahead for everything including SAT and ACT testing. They even go on field trips to give students the opportunity to create their path themselves.  

“We go on a college visit and have career guest speakers come in,”  Assistant Dean, Darell Gibson said. 

The program not only takes about the importance of the future and education, but it also works on making students better people. Considering it is a mentoring program, it helps students better themselves. 

“The reason I started to go to guide right is that I heard it had many opportunities and it helps me become a better person,” sophomore, Lauren Barnett said.

Guide right is a great outlet for students in need of scholarship opportunities, college tours, mentorship, and other great qualities. The program is located in A133 during all lunch periods on Tuesday.