Letter to the Editor: Eating in the library

To eat or not to eat, that is the question. As students we are forced to ask if we want a quiet environment or to eat. Students being prohibited from eating in the library is inhumane and takes away from a students capability to accomplish work during the day. 

As a student who frequents the library during lunch to ensure school work gets completed I’m forced to make a choice between eating for the first time in 5 hours or ensure I can get homework done as I often have my job or clubs after school. 

The only argument the staff has to support their strict rules of no food is that they don’t want messes. Though students should not have full lunches at their quiet study, having a snack to tide over hunger and upkeep focus would be overall beneficial. Metea Valley is a highly ranked school with the funding to ensure custodial staff can keep the library clean throughout the day. This also gives more jobs out to those needing it and leaves no reason to prohibit nourishment for the students that the faculty of Metea Valley works to support on the road to college.

Through my day spending time effectively working at the library I witness librarians psychically taking food from kids or ejecting them from the library for small and quiet snacks. To be punished to eat is against human morals and is unfair as that is our lunch period we are spending in an attempt to complete work. It is a problem in need of addressing as students struggle between the chaos of the cafeteria or the path to being a good student.