Stampede Staff Playlist: November Edition

Younger by Ruel 

Contributed by Ayden Reed

As the title implies, this song is all about being young. It speaks about love, partying, and learning like any typical adolescent. The lyrics bring the older listeners back in time and bring the younger listeners to right now. Upbeat background music makes it an effective song, whether it be for jamming out on the way to a football game or simply laying at home with music blasting in the background. A song pop lovers and alternative lovers can somehow listen to together. 


Claudia by Finneas 

Contributed by Ayden Reed

Finneas is typically heard playing the guitar behind his sister Billie Eilish’s songs, but in this song, he takes the center stage. Although it may have the common theme of love, the song itself is anything, but common. His dedication to the woman he speaks about can be felt through his emotion as he sings. The chill backtrack and sweet lyrics create a slower song that perfectly matches the feelings as the seasons change. There is nothing like zoning out to a great slow song while walking on a crisp fall day. 


Right Where You Should Be by Quinn XCII

Contributed by Alexandra Guckel

Quinn XCII has been one of my favorite artists recently and I feel like this song really represents the greatness of his music. This song has a really good rhythm and a really good flow, while also changing beats and tones. It also has a really positive message, which I enjoy, and makes you feel really good when listening to it.  


 This View by Surfaces

Surfaces is another group that I really like because all of their music is really atmospheric and happy. This View is one of my favorites of their songs because it is really relaxing and has a calm but interesting beat. 


Exhale by Sabrina Carpenter

Contributed by Katrina Viloria

Sabrina wrote this song mostly about her anxiety, which is something a lot of people can relate to. Not only do I love her, but the message she employs in her music. This song gives me a mellow vibe with a loving ballad.


Lights Up by Harry Styles

First off, I love One Direction, so, their solo careers? Even better. Specifically, the variation of Harry Styles’s music is unbelievably phenomenal and it always leaves me amazed. Not to mention, the music video showed how he basically acknowledged and supported the LGBTQ+ community. Rumors have been surfacing for a long time about Harry’s sexuality and when he released this song, it was like he was explaining how he and society do not need to label their sexuality.


Mother May I sleep With Danger? by Joy Crookes

Contribued by Jada Curtis-Jones

Joy Crookes sings about the dangers of falling in love. In this song it’s like she was asking her mom if she can sleep with “danger” which is love. She has heard stories of love and how painful the end result is but she still wants to experience for herself. A true song for the fall because what better time to experience the detriment of love. 


Dead To Me by Kali Uchis 

Kali Uchis sings about how she is not in need of people that hurt her in the past or in the future. They are all dead to her and she is letting them go and she wants them to let her go too. She goes in depth in “Dead To Me” about how people were obsessed about her and they need to let her go and stop worrying about her. I think this is the perfect fall song especially getting into those brutal depressing months of the year because considering all that goes on we still have these people that are obsessed about us and that constantly hurt us. This song lets you know that you need to cut them off. As the leaves die, friendships die too.


Use this Gospel by Kanye West feat. Kenny G, Clipse

Contributed by Marco Rivero

Kanye West’s latest record “Jesus is King” brought us one of his best conceptual songs he’s made that goes toe to toe with some of his bests from records like “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy,” and even “The College Dropout.” The song, unlike the rest of the album, doesn’t fully embrace the gospel aesthetic and instead goes for a structure a lot like West’s “Runaway” from his fifth studio album. With a pulsing sound of a car seatbelt warning, followed by droning chants, a smooth saxophone solo from jazz legend, Kenny G,  and an extremely strong performance from Pusha T and No Clipse, Kanye’s latest song shows that despite the mixed reception of the album, Kanye still remains one of the most creative and talented songwriters of this decade.


Japanese Denim by Daniel Caesar 

Contributed by Marco Rivero

Daniel Ceasar puts forth a beautiful track that holds the audience’s attention despite being slow and moody. Often, a lot of dream pop and sad music will fall into common pitfalls that make it boring or hard to listen to. Lots of stereotypes have been formed around music like Daniel Ceasar’s. The droning low fidelity music infused with a modern hip hop sound has become both extremely popular, and extremely overused. In “Japanese Denim,” however, Ceasar explores the broader reaches of his genre while creating a great song.


Speechless by Dan + Shay

Contributed by Brittany Evans

This has been on my replay list for almost two months now. I love everything about this song. It is not a country song , but it has that sound to it. This is the best song ever.


Everything by Ella Mai ft. John Legend

Contributed by Brittany Evans

This song reminds me of my favorite most perfect human being ever, and every time I listen to it I smile. Ella Mai and John Legend have this 90s vibe, that sounds like Laura Hill and it is just perfect. This is my go to song when I am in a bad mood. When I listen to this there is no way I can stay upset.