Dropping unhealthy habits in the new decade


Noelle Pryor

Drinking water is a necessity to live, and drinking extra can’t hurt.

Ever since I was younger, because of my naturally slim body I never worried about health. I consumed whatever I wanted. There was not any need to keep track of what I put into my body. Until recently, at least. Finally, I have reached a healthy weight but I also feel like I could be significantly healthier than I already am. There are loads of articles that prove that drinking a lot of water is one way to become significantly healthier than those who do not drink as much. Some even say that drinking water in the morning is more beneficial in jump-starting someone’s day than coffee. So, as a New Year’s resolution to both myself, and more importantly, my body, I am going to drink more water and see how I feel.

Lately I have been running out of gas, low motivation, sleeping a lot more, and eating unhealthily are traits I have been exhibiting recently. All of these problems can be fixed by drinking more water. I believe I will be able to get more stuff done with higher motivation and less sleep, therefore making myself happier. I might also be able to get enough motivation to start working out, one thing I’ve been procrastinating on for both this year and last. Previously, whenever I would get thirsty my mind would immediately resort to juice or soda, both extremely unhealthy, and the latter does not quench thirst as easily as water does. I will end up consuming less calories with water than with other drinks as I will not  need to drink juice or soda to actually refresh.

As with all goals, it is important to set milestones and updates. Starting from today Dec. 17 I will be drinking a minimum of two glasses of water per day. Then building up and drinking three after a week. Then finally after the last week, four glasses. During the second week after winter break I will be posting an update on my health and how I have been after a large amount of water is consumed.