Metea to host job fair for students with STEM interests


Noelle Pryor

Posters advertising the job fair hope to attract interested students.

Metea students will be given the opportunity to find jobs during school. The first job fair will occur during lunch periods on March 12th will have multiple employers at Metea recruiting students as their staff. These jobs are perfect for students that want to work in the STEM field.  The jobs will give students more experience and more knowledge about the field they want to go into. If a student is planning to go to school in-state and they are looking for a job to have while going off to college this event would be a great resource.

“This is also for  some students who are planning on going to college in the general area, they have the opportunity to work and go to school and make enough money hoping that they are able to sustain themselves.” co-sponsor of the job fair and math teacher Natalie Johnson said.

This event started with an idea by Natalie Johnson hoping she could leave behind a legacy and give more resources to all Metea students. She will bring her connections to Metea and all the students need to bring is their A-game and resumes. The employers will be giving jobs out on the spot. Johnson specifically aimed for employers who worked in the STEM field because she knew that the fast-food market was big with employing teenagers and she wanted to give STEM job opportunities to branch out to young adults.

“And so what we did was we solicited different employers mainly that were associated with science technology engineering and math.So we went with manufacturing companies we went with a staffing agency that hires for STEM employers in the community. And so we really try to look at some of the other employers if you will that students didn’t even know were a part of the community,” Johnson said.