DMMV gives students the chance to make a difference


“Do More Metea Valley,” also known as DMMV, demonstrated their dedication to service within our community by helping out at the Marie Wilkinson Food Pantry on Nov.20.

DMMV began as a tribute to Rachel’s Challenge in 2012 and has grown as a club since then. The club  has now been added as the service branch to Student Government this year.  “It came out of a desire to have a way for kids to have an opportunity to do service because I think a lot of kids want to, but don’t know how to get involved,” Dean Jennifer Rowe said.“It’s very student driven,” Rowe added.

They have  participated in a series of fundraisers, including this year’s Hunger Drive which gave the proceeds to Northern Illinois Food Bank and Marie Wilkinson Food Pantry. By collecting money in classrooms during Metea’s “Hunger Week”, selling glow sticks at football games, and parent donations,  DMMV raised over $7,000.

Around $1,500 was donated to Marie Wilkinson, according to Rowe, giving them three months of budget for food. Since they rely mainly on donations, this is a significant contribution.

“I love the phrase ‘Do More Metea Valley’ because it talks about how as one we can come together and make a difference,” DMMV supervisor Liz Main said.

Junior Jason Behnke has been a member of DMMV since it’s creation, and is now a leader among his peers. “We do a lot of group activities like this to help our community and hopefully promote more community service throughout our school,” Behnke said. “A lot of people that we help go to our school, and we walk through the hallways and see them everyday, so it’s good to help,” Behnke added.

“I think that it’s humbling to look at the people around you that may not have as much as you do and how you can really benefit and make a difference in people’s lives that are literally maybe your neighbors or right in your community,” Main said.


By Alicia Diaz