Discussing the joy that Valentines Day bring

Olivia Gaziano 0:00
Hi everyone, and welcome to another podcast. My name is Olivia Gaziano, and I am a junior in the photography and media editor, and we are all here to talk about Valentine’s Day.

Autumn Zayas 0:13
Hi, my name is Autumn, and I am a junior.

Aiden Spenner 0:18
Hi, I’m Aiden, and I’m also a junior here.

Caleb Birch 0:21
Hi, I’m Caleb, and I am a sophomore.

AZ 0:26
Okay guys, let’s jump into the questions. If you could change Valentine’s Day into a different holiday, what would it be?

OG 0:34
I feel that is such a tough question because I don’t know it could be anything. But I also think that instead of just directing it to like towards like couples, it could be like a whole like just a sort of like about love and like friendship. And like you know how there’s like Galentine’s Day, Valentine’s Day like all of that, instead of like having to make up on your own, it could be like also just like stated, you know, for relationships just celebrate relationships. Yeah.

AZ 1:05
Exactly, yeah like no matter what relationship it is, what type of relationship. Yeah.

AZ 1:20
Okay, next question.

AZ 1:24
What do you think has a harder job? Cupid or the tooth fairy?

AS 1:30
I feel like both have, like, both have an equally tough job. One has to get teeth from under children’s pillows and the other has to make sure somebody calls in public somebody else. So I mean, they have equally high stakes, I guess.

AZ 1:49
Yeah, but okay Cupid just shoots people with arrows, and then they fall in love. They’re not really doing anything.

AZ 1:54
Yeah, but what if, what if Cupid, what if Cupid misses.

AS 1:59
Then that’s very unfortunate for him.

OG 2:07
Honestly think that, like, the tooth fairy has the harder job because they have to go around and take off teeth and give out, like you know, their money as a little like or in sometimes write a note. After all, I always got a note from my tooth fairy to along with like you know the little coins and whatever. But they have to go to like every single child, and not every single child is like falling in love yet, so like, you know, that kind of brings it like more people. What about you, Caleb?

OG 2:42
Caleb, what about you?

CB 2:47
I definitely think the tooth fairy has a harder job. Clearly for a reason that they had to collect from little kids.

CB 2:58
They have to wait till the kids like to go to bed and all that stuff and it’s just like, it’s a hassle you know it’s a hassle.

OG 3:05
It honestly is, I kind of feel bad for the tooth fairy. Lots of work. Um, so what is your guys’ favorite like Valentine’s Day candy? You know like, if you walk into Target, and you see they have all of this different like a range of like tons of candy. What are your guys like favorite or like, favorite Valentine’s Day or anything like that?

AS 3:32
I like the candy hearts, you know that you see in the stars and they have all the messages around them, and even though the messages don’t apply to me. They’re still good to eat.

OG 3:45
Really, I’m not a huge fan of the candy hearts, I don’t know what it is. I thought they like to like sugary and like too sugary things.

OG 4:05
I know. They’re like chalky.

CB 4:09
Yeah, you know, I mean, there’s like a few flavors of them that I’m like okay, they’re cool they’re good whatever. But other than that.

CB 4:19
Yellow ones, but somebody gives them to me, but I would never buy them myself,

OG 4:25
Oh yeah, for sure. Me too.

CB 4:27
I do believe that the Valentine’s Kit Kats. In fact, the best candy on Valentine’s Day.

OG 4:34

AS 4:35
I didn’t even know they made those.

CB 4:40
They turned them into these pink wrappers.

OG 4:44
Oh, that kind of sounds cute. Oh sorry, go ahead. Oh.

AZ 4:50
I might be like, kind of like an unpopular opinion kind of thing. I love dark chocolate. Anything, dark chocolate on Valentine’s Day.

OG 5:00
Dark chocolate is so good. Yeah, it’s so good. But yeah, I also like how like when they have like the heart shape I’m pretty much you can find anything in the heart shape, but I was at Target the other day, and I found like this like a heart-shaped thing that had a range like Kit Kats, Reese’s, like all this different stuff, ‘oh that’s really cute.’ You don’t have to just pick one, you can pick many.

AZ 5:25
I do not like peanut butter. And really, I was younger, when I was younger, my mom had gotten had bought me one of those like heart-shaped boxes. And that’s what ended my love of peanut butter after that it tasted like, I don’t know.

OG 5:44
Have you ever had it since?

AZ 5:49
No. Just every time I look at it I just feel my stomach hurt.

Unknown 5:53
Oh my god, it’s so sad.

AS 6:06
I guess I could ask the question. Do you have? Do you guys have any Valentine’s traditions you do?

OG 6:12
Um, well, like when I was younger, my parents would always like before I came down from school, they like to leave for the house, they would have like little candy hearts, all around the island and then like a stuffed animal that had like, it was like a bear and like a holding a heart or whatever for me my sister. So I guess that’s kind of tradition. I don’t think they I think they sort of stopped when we got into high school just kind of sad. But, my friends and I sometimes like to make Valentines for each other, and right now it’s kind of hard because we can’t give it to each other or like we’ll all bake. So, that’s kind of fun.

CB 6:49
Yeah, I feel like a lot similar, but with Olivia elementary school my family every time we would walk down eat a bowl of cereal in the morning. It would be a cup full of candy and a little stuffed animal next to it. What about the sixth grade that all kinds of stuff.

AZ 7:08
Hi, my family, I guess. My mom always got me my brother Carter something, but it’s such my dad. But other than that, that’s kind of it. And, you know, I’ve been single all my life so I started this, you know cuz Valentine’s Day is also a single day. Yeah. And I started this trip, I guess you could call it traditional views back where I just watch at least one or two. Romcoms some of my favorites, you know like, 10 Things I Hate About You, and stuff like that and I just watch those and dark chocolate.

AS 7:48
Sounds good. Um, I don’t really have any memories of my parents really doing anything. The only like memorabilia, or like stuff that we have that reminds me of Valentine’s is all stuffed animals on my parent’s dresser in their room, they have like a bunch of bears with holding hearts and stuff like that so it’s just, you know. Yeah.

OG 8:11
I know it’s hard, but does anyone have any like plans for Valentine’s Day to see friends anything like that? Or I know it’s kind of hard during right now, but–

AS 8:21
I’ll probably see my friends I see like every single day. So, yeah.

AZ 8:26
I’m going to my dad’s house, and my dad and his wife, they don’t do much. They’ve never been like, ah Valentine’s Day people so I know personally, I’m gonna force them to spend it with me, and watch romcoms with me all day. And while my brothers are with their girlfriends.

OG 8:51
That’s very cute. Yeah. My boyfriend and I are watching the third movie of To All The Boys I loved Before when that comes out so I’m excited about that. I’m so excited for that to come out. And then we’re going out to dinner, so I’m excited about that. We are going to Uncle Julio’s, which is a nice Mexican restaurant.

CB 9:14
I know, it’s so good. You can build the tacos and stuff yourself.

OG 9:19
I know they have like these huge chocolate pinatas that you whack and like a ton of like stuff come out. I’m so excited. But yeah. What about you, Caleb?

CB 9:31
And not really much. We never really do much around home since elementary school ended. And so I don’t really have any plans for all this. Probably end up doing some homework and playing some video games like every other day in quarantine.

AS 9:45

AS 9:46
I’m single.

AZ 9:56
On that note, if you could date one celebrity who would it be?

OG 10:01
Oh my gosh, that’s such a hard question.

AZ 10:07
Ross Lynch, because I really love it. I love Rosslyn too with everything in me and right now he’s dating Jasmine Sinclair from Sabrina, the “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina,” but if he was single, and I was single and older because you know illegal, then yes, I would totally because I love him so much. I’m going to see his band in November, and I’m so excited.

OG 10:37
That’s so funny. That’s so exciting though. That’s so exciting. I don’t know like I can’t really think of one specific person, cuz there’s like a lot from like different movies and I’m thinking of. Probably who’s like Four from “Divergent,” I don’t know his real name. Do you know what I’m talking about yeah probably him?

CB 11:06
Elon Musk, you would be a multi-billionaire, and he could put you in space, whenever you wanted to become in storage, and you can just go up into space when you want

AS 11:37
I’m probably really basic when I say this but either.

CB 11:46
So you really liked to Super Bowl halftime shows you a couple of years ago,

AS 11:51
I mean literally, the one that took place the previous. Yes. It was like two shows and each taking up seven minutes are both good.

OG 12:06
Alright guys, well

OG 12:07
I hate to do this, but we do have to wrap it up, but this is super fun talking about Valentine’s Day and just kind of the fun traditions that we have. I hope that everyone has a happy and safe Valentine’s Day this year, and we will see you guys all next time. Thank you, everyone. Bye.