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Hipster style becomes the new basic

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Since the rise of the “hipster” fashion era, the students of Metea Valley can be seen strutting the halls wearing their leather boots, oversized sweaters, and signature wide-framed glasses. When you look around, it seems that anyone you look at could be off to a philosophy seminar or a Mumford & Sons concert.

“Being a hipster is being original and not going with the flow,” said senior Jacob Mullins.

But does it make you original if your style revolves around the same template as everyone else? While hipsters pride themselves in avoiding what is “mainstream” (popular or widespread) the hipster style has blown up over the last couple of years.

Before the Age of the Hipster dominated, the same type of three-part template reigned in its place. Ugg brand boots, Northface jackets, and shirts with logos like Hollister or Abercrombie were big: the more branded, the better. Opposite of hipster, this style is known as “basic.”

“Basics are boring, drab, dull, unliked, and unwanted,” joked freshman Chris Danner. Though the basic style certainly isn’t dead, hipsters have wiped out  a vast  majority of their population. How? By converting them into hipsters. Many of the girls that walked around wearing riding boots or combat boots this year are the same ones that wore Ugg boots last year. To most, it sounds like a simple fashion change: from furry boots to leather, slim coats to slouchy sweaters, and most importantly from brand name to vintage.

“Hipsters aren’t original anymore because it’s become the new trend,” said sophomore Isabelle Gajownik. “They try to be edgy but it doesn’t work out.”  True, the trend has completely torn up the US. But can we decide that because of its popularity, anyone considered hipster is no longer original?

“You have to wear something no one else wears… something one-of-a-kind,” continued Mullins.

All things considered, it’s important to remember that no matter your style- hipster or basic- to be original, you have to be just that: original. It’s human nature to want to keep up with all the latest news and trends, but while doing that it’s okay to throw in a little twist. Personal style is personal to you, whether you like it vintage, labeled, or just whatever is on sale.  As Danner said, “Create something yourself, something no one else has done before.”

By Stephanie Sorich

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Hipster style becomes the new basic