Halloween traditions change as students grow older


Ollie Shuminas

Even though we are growing up, students’ love for candy does not seem to change.

Trick or Treat! When adults today were kids, the majority of them participated in trick or treating at least once. If one were to ask anyone, almost all of them would say that trick or treating is about getting free candy. Truthfully Halloween, as a whole, is about the memories people have made. Memories and traditions are a sacred part of being a human being. 

“My favorite memory is going around the neighborhood with my dad dressed as Jason from Friday the 13th scaring people.” sophomore Abigail Revera said. 

Another aspect of Halloween is the quality time in order to grow relationships. As people grow, so do their schedules. Halloween plans can be hard with activities, work, family, and more. Activities during Halloween have evolved as well. Not as many teenagers go trick or treating as children do. As an alternative, teenagers may go to haunted houses, have parties, or hand out candy themselves. These changes in activity are a part of growing up and evolving from children to young adults. 

Growing up some people ate candy. Candy is one word that some people would use to describe Halloween. With candy comes different tastes: chocolate, fruit, sweet, salty, and more. 

Senior Justyce King replied with “Kit Kat” after she was asked what her favorite candy was.

Candy can be a good snack while watching horror movies. Horror movies seem to be a big hit for teenagers because it gives a scare but you do not feel physically endangered. Horror movies are in their prime during Halloween. This can be an alternative to being jump-scared while in a haunted house. For some people, scary things are not what Halloween is about. Some students believe that wearing costumes is what Halloween is all about.

Wearing costumes is what makes Halloween unique from the other holidays. People get to dress as something or someone that they would not get to on any other day of the year. Finding costumes can be a hard thing to do because people have different styles, ideas, and budgets.

Though Halloween is supposed to be a fun holiday everyone must remember that safety comes first. Make sure to stick with a friend, have a plan, but overall have a happy Halloween.