Zuckerberg’s defense

There is a third-party system in place that functions as a fact-checker. Though, this system is not without its shortcomings- as is the case with most things. The system does its very best to remove content that is causing ‘imminent real-world harm’ and tries to filter out information that fails to align with the values of the United States. 

The event of exposure was unintentional, and the company has worked to remove this issue. Meta’s vision is transparency with its users and does not aim to hide information. 

In 2019, the company released restrictions on diet products and cosmetic surgery content. Persuasion to purchase such items and services and price were made hidden from users that are under the age of 18. 

The company has a ban on ‘pro-ana’ content, (information that encourages eating disorders).

The company is struggling to create regulations that would allow for the differentiation between advertisements of legitimate healthy weight-loss and fitness and idealized rapid, harmful weight-loss.