Adults’ actions have an influence on children

John Wafula Ojwang

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Even though adults are meant to be mature sometimes they act like kids.

Ayaana Pradhan

Even though adults are meant to be mature sometimes they act like kids.

Children are encouraged to look up to adults as if they are their role models. They constantly follow what they do and they try to keep up with them because they have that feeling of being like them. Children think adults have everything together and even when things get tough, adults know how to bounce back and get in the fast lane again. 

However, when adults act like children, younger people will tend to act like them because adults are children’s role models. Adults typically know better than most children do because they have seen what the world is. Whereas we are just learning more about it and trying to navigate through. 

As of right now, there is a stigma that is circling the world we live in known as: Monkey see, monkey do. If one does something and others see it, there is a high probability of people following other peoples’ actions due to their influence. 

The District 204 school board planned a meeting on Feb. 7 until an adult refused to comply with the mask policy. At that time, the policy was that in enclosed spaces with more than five individuals that masks must be worn at all times. Nevertheless, parents were aggravated and the school board went into many recesses all because of noncompliance. 

Adults fighting in public is also triggering and horrifying to watch, especially when it is about something so simple that does not need debating nor fighting.

The Slidell Police Department arrested 6 people while 2 groups were fighting over a boy. Something that could be solved in a heartbeat turns into a whole war. People who see and read articles similar to that question how adults really act in real life. Do adults live up to their name or not? When circumstances related to the one listed above happen, this is a question that people constantly wonder and ask. 

People may wonder if this is how adults truly act in real life because of their childish behavior at times. They may wonder who to turn to in times of trouble and they may also wonder if what adults are saying is true or not. 

Once children see adults acting like children, they will run out of resources. This will be challenging because children will not know who is really a role model and who is not. There is a huge mistrust. The children will constantly be dependent on knowing how to act around others in the future because they follow how the adults act which may lack independence all because of the childish actions displayed by their adults.