Netflix Originals offer a wide range of television series that are all worth binge watching


Knox Tamhankar

Netflix Originals has great shows to binge-watch.

Allison Davids, Copy Editor

After a long day, the decision of what to watch may be a stressor for some people. The endless minutes spent scrolling looking for something to watch can be painful. However, Netflix has recently released some new shows and seasons of popular binge-worthy Netflix Originals on their platform that are all worth the watch.




Jenna Ortega stars in this mystery horror television series that is based on the character Wednesday from The Addams Family movie. Wednesday is different from the other kids at her school. After being expelled from her eighth school, her mother decides to send her to Nevermore, a school dedicated to outcasts. Yet, the school is exactly where Wednesday belongs. 

Nevermore allows the students to learn about themselves and their differences while also being able to interact with the “normies” (humans) without giving away their secret abilities. Creatures like vampires and werewolves are seen at the school, however Wednesday herself has started to see visions that predict the future. As the show progresses, Wednesday’s visions get more detailed and she starts living them as if she was there. The visions that are shown are vague and do not necessarily make sense at first, but as Wednesday sees more she starts to realize that the people of Nevermore are keeping secrets. With help from her friends, Wednesday learns that her parent’s past is not what it seems as well and the safety of Nevermore is in danger.


Dead to Me 


Netflix is known for its mystery-thriller shows like You, but Dead to Me is another mystery show that deserves more attention. The show follows the case of Jen Harding’s husband’s death, Ted, who died from a hit-and-run. In a grief group, Jen meets Judy who is grieving the death of her fiance who died of a heart attack. The two women grow close together even though Judy’s secrets are preventing her from being fully honest with Jen. As the investigation of Jen’s husband’s death goes on, Jen eventually finds out the truth. With the third season recently out, the pieces of the puzzle of Ted’s death are all put together. Plot twists make it complicated for Jen to be honest with the people close to her while Judy is trying to focus on the positives of her reality. 


Emily in Paris 


Let us be honest, Emily is a hot mess. This show focuses on Emily who works at a marketing firm in Chicago. Her boss, Madeline is pregnant and was supposed to head to France to help provide an American view at a French marketing firm that they own in Paris. Instead, Madeline sends Emily to take her place despite Emily knowing zero French. In a leap of faith, Emily takes the offer and flies herself and her belongings to Paris for a year. In the recently released season, Emily has a big decision to make: either stay in Paris or go back to her life in Chicago. This fun romantic-comedy series is the perfect show to watch in the background for a few laughs about the characters’ friendships and love lives. 


Ginny & Georgia


Naming your kid after the city they were born in is a clever idea by Georgia. Growing up, Georgia was poor and lived in an abusive household. She left her old life to start a new one while pregnant with Ginny. 

As a teen mom, she struggled with many things and got involved with the wrong people. Her repetitive pattern of bad decisions is what led her to Wellsbury, a town in Massachusetts with her two kids, Ginny and Austin. However, Ginny and Austin are half siblings. The two of them have never had a place to call home until they came to Wellsbury. For Ginny, she has a job and friends despite them not being the best influence on her. Meanwhile Austin sees Paul, the mayor, as a father figure that he never had. 

This drama-filled television series is the perfect show to binge-watch because of how complex Georgia is. Her past haunts her and Ginny, through bits and pieces, starts to understand her mother more and why she acts the way she does.


Firefly Lane


Tully and Kate are best friends and have been since they were teenagers. The show shares three different timelines: one when they first met as teenagers, another when the two of them landed their first television job together and lastly while the two of them are in their forties both with established careers. 

The two friends have different personalities but find that their friendship brings comfort to one another. Tully grew up with an addicted mother and an absent father. She was originally living with her grandmother but her hippie mother decided that Tully was better off with her. Because of her lonely past, Tully grew up fearing loneliness and abandonment. In Tully’s teenage years, she moved to Firefly Lane where she met Kate. Kate grew up in a loving household that was filled with secrets. Kate was known as a nerd and read books. She didn’t have any friends so she found comfort in Tully when she needed a shoulder to cry on. The two of them became best friends and shared everything with each other despite their drastic differences. This show is a drama-comedy that highlights the good and the bad of every friendship and how meaningful those lifelong friendships can become.