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History-making boy band Seventeen is not talked about enough

Azaa Battsogt
Seventeen is a band that has taken the music world by storm, but their contributions are still not discussed at large.

Seventeen is a South Korean boy band that consists of 13 members. They debuted in 2015 with their song “Adore U,” but that was not the original plan. Seventeen’s original debut date was in 2013, but when the company they were under, Pledis Entertainment, went bankrupt, their debut was delayed by two years. They finally came out with their first song “Adore U,” which was almost entirely produced by the members themselves. Even though their debut was rocky, “Adore U” was a hit amongst a world audience. 

Thanks to my sister I have memories of listening to, and loving, “Adore U” when it came out. Growing up, I saw Seventeen grow as a group as well. And it shows with the recent release of their tenth mini album, “FML,” breaking records worldwide with over 5 million albums sold within their comeback week in April 2023. And they once again broke records with their newest album released October 2023, “Seventeenth Heaven,” making 5.2 million pre-order sales. 

The reason why Seventeenth Heaven was such a hit shows through the title track, God of Music. In the “God of Music” music video the group partnered with the company Sent Into Space to send a microphone into space, which showed just how far Seventeen is willing to go to showcase their commitment and passion towards their music.

Along with the problems the group faces as one, the members have also gone through personal struggles, but they always have each other by their side. Their relationship with one another is incredibly strong, which is not common among K-pop groups as members leave due to a lack of bonds with one another. Seventeen on the other hand shows the teamwork and bond a group must have to stay strong for so many years. 

The members’ dedication to the group also shows when an injured member, The8, made an appearance in their music video, “Super.” The8’s collarbone was fractured, yet the members still found a way to include him in the music video. Similarly, Seventeen’s leader, S.coups, tore his ACL earlier this year but still wanted to be in their music video for “God of Music,” displaying his commitment to the group and never wanting to let his team down. He still performed and did his best for their fans without further injuring himself.

The members also care a lot about each other. The8 cooks for one of the younger members, Vernon, because he knows that Vernon would \ put jam on bread and simply eat that. Another time the members showed care for each other was when the group was recording for an episode and they all had to bungee jump from a high height, but DK has a strong fear of heights. When it was DK’s turn to jump he stood scared, on the edge for 30 minutes. But the entire time he stood there, the rest of the 12 members kept their eyes on him and cheered him on. They never pressured him and said reassuring words to calm him down, even when DK apologized for taking so long, his teammates assured him that it was alright and to do what made him comfortable. Showing how strong their bond as a band is and that they can always work well together, even in a non-music setting. 

The members of Seventeen have been there for each other since the very beginning. Their hardships never stopped them from being a team. No matter what comes in the way of the team or a member, it does not keep them from growing and being a team. They continue to go above and beyond in everything they do and set new records for K-pop that seemed impossible before. I think that ties in with the meaning of their name: 13 members, three subunits, and one team equals Seventeen.

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Azaa Battsogt
Azaa is in her second year of high school but her first being on staff. Azaa is a bubbly, talkative student who loves her friends more than she loves dressing up. She is part of the In and Out of Our Walls podcast and loves creating the graphics for it. Outside of school she can be found riding her bike to her best friend’s house, playing video games, or shopping for new clothes.
Isa Peters
Isa is a sophomore, a Perspectives reporter, and on the Black and Gold podcast. She is excited for her first year on the Journalism team! When she’s in the podcast room you can see all the ideas flowing out of her head and simply just enjoying being with friends. She is a passionate artist, music lover (specifically K-pop), and avid movie critic on Letterboxd. When not in the podcast room she’s on the sidelines cheering with the Varsity Dance Team or in her room reading about Jo March’s adventures.

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  • R

    Rachel ShugartFeb 23, 2024 at 10:51 pm

    Good job, ladies. I’m an old- Carat. My now 29 year old daughter asked me to watch a web program with her called 17 project about 9 years ago. I watched because she asked me, I became a Carat because of the wonderful music/ dance from these incredible young men. I feel like they are my sons- from- another mother. There is something about each and everyone of them that makes my heart smile. Since 2015, I’ve plunged into KCulture, the food, drama, music and language. All because 17 young men had a dream and our now killing it. Loved seeing them on NaNa Tour way more than when they were 13 castaways. I wish they were promoted more in the USA, esp Los Angeles. I don’t understand why they aren’t. I’m glad they got to some of the Asian countries that finally got to see them in concert but they need to have concerts in the UK, Germany, France, Russia…I Agree! Seventeen really need to be talked about and seen more on our American talk shows and music award shows. In my humble opinion.

  • A

    AnastasiaDec 22, 2023 at 6:59 am

    Seventeen creates music that will outlast the music trends. Woozi implements real instrument sounds among his production of SVT music and those types of sounds resonates in the spirit. It is here to stay. While most other kpop groups stay sounding the same, SVT is just different. IMO, the very best!