Stampede Staff Playlist: December Edition

As December rolls in, many people feel mixed emotions, ranging from joy at the incoming holiday season to despair at finals season and stressful vacation planning. To combat this turmoil, the Stampede’s staff has collected a variety of songs for you to listen to, and maybe take your mind off life for a while.
Stampede Staff Playlist: December Edition
Casimir Pulaski Day by Sufjan Stevens
‘Casimir Pulaski Day’ by Sufjan Stevens

I like this song, especially as a winter one, because I play the album that it is included in (Illinois) every winter. The vulnerability expressed through songs similar to this reminds me of the warmth of being inside and sheltered from the winter.

Back To December (Taylors Version) by Taylor Swift
‘Back To December (Taylor’s Version)’ by Taylor Swift

December is often called a month of love, so being lonely during December can be challenging. In this song, Taylor Swift sings about a relationship she misses and wants forgiveness for. She often claims she goes ‘back to December’ recalling the love that she misses. Listening to this song can help when you feel unhappy. The song is relatable and lets you know you are not the only one who feels dejected during the holidays.

Snowman by Sia
‘Snowman’ by Sia

From the melody to the lyrics, everything about the song sounds and feels like winter. It is the perfect thing to listen to when you feel like enjoying the sight of snow in December or if you are just in that Christmas mood. 

Ditto by NewJeans
‘Ditto’ by NewJeans

Listening to the beginning of Ditto just feels like you are waking up on a cold winter day, the ground outside is white, and everything is perfect. The vocals of the song are so soft and nice to listen to, especially on a cold, snowy winter day.

Senorita by Farhan Akhtar, Hrithik Roshan, Abhay Deol, María del Mar Fernández
‘Senorita’ by Farhan Akhtar, Hrithik Roshan, Abhay Deol, María del Mar Fernández

This is one of my favorite Bollywood songs. I wish I could live inside this song because it perfectly blends Latin rhythms with all the Bollywood flair. The fact that the actors from the movie, “Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara,” actually sang the song makes it all too quintessential. It makes you want to dance, whether it is Flamenco, Bhangra, or the Electric Boogaloo.

Shes Lost Control by Joy Division
‘She’s Lost Control’ by Joy Division

To be honest, this song means nothing to me if I’m thinking about the holidays. This one is for all my people who are freaking out just because it’s December and the final exams are staring right at your face. There is just too much you have to do and you are all over the place. It is the national anthem for a chaotic end of a year, for better ones to come. Hopefully.

Letter To My 13 Year Old Self by Laufey
‘Letter To My 13 Year Old Self’ by Laufey

“Letter to my 13 Year Old Self” is Laufey’s most heartfelt song to date, as she advises the younger version of herself. Fans not only resonate with the singer’s vulnerability but also how universal her former insecurities are. Laufey describes being embarrassed by her “curly hair,” yearning to be desired, and feeling uncomfortable in her skin. These are worries that people of all ages struggle with. However, she also sings to her younger self about all the amazing things ahead of her, such as falling in love and becoming a successful singer. “Letter To My 13 Year Old Self” encourages listeners to treat themselves with grace, as well as have hope for the future. As students face stress from the holidays, and some experience seasonal depression, this song is a perfect reminder that everything will be okay.

Red Room by Hiatus Kaiyote
‘Red Room’ by Hiatus Kaiyote

 I think this song already encapsulates so much on its own, but it speaks even louder during the winter season. It’s a time of reflection and seeing how to expand further for the upcoming year, and I think this song delivers that same feeling with its subtle but fierce drumline that caresses the listener’s ears and helps them further involve themselves within the song.

Empire Ants by Gorillaz
‘Empire Ants’ by Gorillaz

In the simplest explanation possible: this song feels like you are psychologically ascending to an entirely different plane of existence. Instead of going with the typical verse-prechorus-chorus-verse method that so many songs do, it starts slowly for half the song before switching the beat so dynamically and flawlessly that it gives the listener whiplash. It sounds like what it feels like to fall off a building or cliff in one’s dream: thrilling and startling.

Bewitched by Laufey
‘Bewitched’ by Laufey

I could honestly put all of Laufey’s songs under this because all her songs paired with her smooth voice just give those winter vibes. This song in particular gives me the vibes of falling in love at first sight, with snow falling around you two, and just being stuck in this magical winter moment. Laufey knows how to trap you in the exact feeling she felt during this time and it lets you live out your Hallmark Christmas movie dreams. 

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