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Why you should consider taking Newspaper Journalism

Metea Media and The Stampede are produced, edited, and managed by the students in Newspaper Journalism.
Why you should consider taking Newspaper Journalism

Many positives come with taking Newspaper Journalism as an elective class. “This class is not demanding and is a fun, unstressful class,” says sophomore Dhiya Sharmila. “The student involvement is my favorite part”, states Sophomore Alanna Bucher. “This class has helped me get out of my comfort zone”, explains Senior Lindsey Hall. These are a few experiences that students have had from taking this class. 

Newspaper is not a regular class that writes notes, assigns homework, or takes a test. “This class is beyond classes that give you grades or assignments”, said Sophomore Sam Patil. The elective class teaches numerous skills that aren’t typically learned in regular classes: communication, teamwork, collaboration, self-discipline, and a great work ethic.

Additionally, all those learned skills will help you in the future. You might think you can not take Newspaper if you are not interested in being a writer, journalist, photographer, or anything along those lines. However, “This class teaches life skills that will be beneficial in all fields,” states Hall. 

If you are doubting taking this class because you have yet to gain experience with what this class revolves around, such as photography or writing. “This isn’t a place for seasoned experts, this is a place to learn and develop your skills,” said Senior Tanay Pant. 

Senior Mansi Narayanan said, “My favorite part of this class is having my words read by the student body while making an impact and difference in the student life here at Metea.” Narayanan explained. Through this class, you can be the voice of Metea Valley. You can make a difference, help or report problems, and leave something behind before you graduate. “You can immortalize your work,” says Pant. 

So if you have an open slot in your schedule, consider joining Newspaper Journalism. You will be welcome and won’t regret it. 

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Rayma Miller
Rayma Miller is a sophomore at Metea Valley and this is her first year on staff. She is 15 years old and also a new student at Metea; Rayma just moved here from Ohio. In her free time, she enjoys reading, riding her bike, shopping, and spending time with family and friends.

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