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‘Eternal Sunshine’: The Voyage between Heartbreak and Closure

“Eternal Sunshine” is Ariana Grande’s seventh studio album, where she provides the essence of living in a relationship, rather if the romance is magical or disastrous. Album cover shot by Katia Temkin.

“Where is the magic in life for you?” Zane Lowe, an Apple Music interviewer questioned. “In art, in human connection, in the people I love, in laughter, in creating something you’re proud of. There’s so much.” [Ariana] Grande said, “Today I’ll say, definitely I’ll focus it on the art, there’s so much magic in art.” 

Ariana Grande’s latest album, “Eternal Sunshine,” marks a glowing chapter in her career, which allows space and freedom for interpretation. “Eternal Sunshine” exposes you to the complications and healing process of love whilst providing soft, healing vocals throughout the album.

Altering from Ariana Grande’s album in 2021, “Positions” to “Eternal Sunshine” leaves listeners with questions, especially considering her life outside of the music industry; her latest album takes inspiration from Michael Gondry’s 2004 movie, “Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind” which resembles the idea of getting rid of someone or something from their life, removing all negativity and unpleasant memories.

Intro (End of the World)” questions the idealism of a high-quality relationship, symbolizing the past relationships that have changed her permanently.

If the sun refused to shine, Baby would I still be your lover, Would you want me there? If the moon went dark tonight, And if it all ended tomorrow, Would I be the one on your mind?

— Intro (End of the World)

We Can’t Be Friends (Wait for Your Love)” is currently one of the only songs on the album that has a music video paired with it. Ariana explains the desperate need for love and the recovery that comes along with a deteriorating relationship. As the video begins, Ariana is seen signing into a recovery center, with the company being named “Brighter Days, Inc.” Later on in the video, quickly being shown to the viewers is a box of miscellaneous items, which is a connection to the artist’s real world. The video continues further into a fun and outgoing relationship with Ariana and a person played by famous actor, Evan Peters.  

The touching video ends with Ariana’s partner disappearing from her side ever so abruptly. By the end of it, she is seen to be fully recovered, even going so far as to burn the box of items which is a metaphor for getting rid of the melancholy memories and thoughts associated with them. Ariana has a virtuous way of adding lyrical ambiance to her songs, as they replicate the experience of love and heartbreak and navigate into the healing phase of ex-relationships.

Ariana has made it very clear that the album is made to be interpreted from different perspectives or viewpoints. Regardless of this, the music video that was offered reveals multiple hints that this may be more connected to her personal life than fans thought. The music video goes in depth about a relationship that is speculated to be one of her past experiences, showcasing a much more downhearted tone connection to the song.

Imperfect For You,” one of Ariana’s favorites, structures on the wordplay “I’m perfect for you”, as the song resembles the reality of love and heartbreak. Despite being rather ‘imperfect’, Ariana calls the relationship a “happy disaster” about heavily resonating with the relationship, rather than arguing if it was good or bad for the couple. 

But I’ll love you like you need me to, Imperfect for you Messy, completely distressed, But I’m not like that since I met you, Imperfect for you

— Imperfect For You

In the previously mentioned interview by Zane Lowe, Ariana talks about the connection between the song and the most important thing that attaches to it. “The most beautiful thing about ‘Imperfect For You’ is that we all know those people that we feel that way about and that we are so lucky to have because they see it all, they hold space for it all, and it fits. In their imperfections too. We’re so lucky to have friends, family, loved ones,” Ariana said. “We live in a time where everything is boiled down, but that song demands room for nuance, humanness, and complexity.”

Halfway into the album, “True Story” displays Ariana showing off the villainous side within a relationship. Ariana provides heavenly vocals as she portrays and walks through the overwhelming experience, as told in the song. She even goes as far as to state “I’ll play the villain if you need me to,” as she speaks further about the drama and other outside factors that rotate around her life. Despite this, Ariana emphasizes, “It’s an untrue story, based on all untrue events.”

As Ariana Grande unveiled the album weeks before its initial release to her music label, Republic Records, she mentioned that “[Eternal Sunshine” feels] like the centerpiece of the album to me. The glue that ties all of this fun with the sad.” Ariana references giving immense trust to her ex-relationship and was consumed by this ‘mysterious’ figure that disoriented the flow of the relationship.

I’ll be the first to say I’m sorry,” Now you got me feelin’ sorry, I showed you all my demons, All my lies Yet you played me like Atari

— Eternal Sunshine

Ending the experience of “Eternal Sunshine”, “Ordinary Things” provides an answer to the idealism of a high-quality relationship; The song features ‘Nonna’, Ariana Grande’s grandmother, as she ends the song with an everlasting voice memo speaking about the impropriety and challenges that comes with romance. ‘Eternal Sunshine ’ gives fans what they have been waiting for, with Ariana Grande giving an abundance of answers, while still leaving dedicated fans with more questions that desperately need answers. “Eternal Sunshine” reveals the multiple sides of love, as Ariana has mentioned her desire to display the different perspectives of love: “Love is complicated. Showcasing both sides of it is what I tried to [do].”

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