Aurora mayoral candidates give students a lesson on local civics


Photo by Ethan Meyers.

This past Wednesday, Metea Valley was delighted to welcome Aurora mayoral candidates, Richard Irvin and Rick Guzman. The visit, hosted by junior English classes, took place in the auditorium during both second and seventh period. Each candidate covered their opinions on the Aurora community as well as their visions for the city’s future in an effort to inform students on local politics.

“I think it’s important to get our young people to get engaged because at some point in the next couple years, they’re going to be voters,” Irvin said.

The students were given brief descriptions of each of the candidates as well as their platform. At the end of each presentation, students were allowed to ask Guzman and Irvin questions about their plans and their benefits to the Aurora community.

“You get to hear what are the issues that are important, and I think that young people [and] students are the future of our city. So, it provides a good foundation for us to be able to understand what are the issues that this next generation wants to hear about,” Guzman said.

The candidates and students discussed the importance of the education systems, the value of opportunities for young people, the impact of violence in the community as well as other topics that have an impact on students in the Aurora area. The candidates gave many solutions to local issues such as neighborhood violence and crimes.

The candidates also took time to teach students about the importance of giving back to the community through public service and strong work ethic.

“Everything you get in life, you’ve got to work hard for to appreciate it. The harder you work, the more you get [and] the more you achieve by yourself,” Irvin said.

As the period came to an end, students were impressed with what both candidates had to say and how the importance of leadership and decision making can make much change and taking action is a big responsibility.