‘Noises Off’ delivers high energy hilarity to theatre program


Photo by Brianna Powell

The theatre department will be debuting its fall production of “Noises Off” on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday at 7 p.m. in the Auditorium. An exciting look at the backstage happenings of a Broadway production, “Noises Off” kicks off the theatre season with a loud, resounding bang.

“Noises Off” focuses on director Lloyd Dallas, played by senior RJ Schlesinger, as he rallies a rag-tag gang of actors to perform in the Americanized version of the British play “Nothing’s On.” Actors forget their lines, love triangles ensue, and a disastrous opening night is on the horizon. Within the play, viewers can enjoy hilarious slapstick physical comedy and farce through the ups and downs of theatre.


“‘Noises Off’ is a show within a show. You’re actually seeing actors act for acting. Things go wrong. Relationships are strained. Things get thrown. An ax may appear. Sardines start getting tossed around. And that’s entertainment,” director Matthew Wolski said.

The production is also a testament to the student driven work within the theatre department. “We pride ourselves in the fact that the students run the show,” Wolski said. The show features elaborate technical work, most notably, the student-designed rotating house that becomes a character within its own right during the play. “We want you to see the hard work it takes. There’s a lot of moving pieces that happen here,” Wolski said.

“Noises Off” is written by English playwright Michael Frayn.

Tickets are available for purchase here and at the door for $8.