Muslim Student Association looks to raise awareness for World Hijab Day


Zainie Qureshi

The Muslim Student Association (MSA) celebrates World Hijab Day for the second time this year. Every year on Feb. 1, women, regardless of religion around the world are encouraged to wear a hijab and experience what it’s like to wear one.

“The objective of this day is to have awareness from the community from not only the community but also the student body here at Metea. It’s important for students here to know that there are many muslim students who go here as well as students who wear a hijab,” MSA sponsor and Assistant Principal Secretary Aurelie Williams said.

The founder of the day, Nazma Khan, had very strong thoughts on why there should be a National Hijab Day which she said in a video posted on the official site for the holiday, Having gone through multiple negative experiences growing up due to lack of understanding from her peers’ perspective, she thought that a national day dedicated to spread awareness was the best way to debunk misconceptions.

“My message was to simply invite women from all faiths to wear the hijab, just for a day. World Hijab Day was a success as women from everywhere gave their support and stood in solidarity to support those who choose to wear the hijab every single day,” Khan said.

Recently, with tense political debates on topic of American Muslims, a stigma has attached itself to the faith. But it didn’t just start now. It’s been rough for Muslims dealing with misconceptions about their faith around the world.

“These are not current issues. Unfortunately, since Sept. 11, 2001, there has been a negative light shown on the Muslim community, and has caused a negative impact. These issues that girls who wear hijabs face are not recent problems, they’ve been discriminated against and been misunderstood as to why they’re wearing it,” Williams said.

Members of the club believe Hijab Day was a success last year, and is only growing in popularity this year. “I’m very proud that MSA students here at Metea are the first in the entire district that started participating in the event. Last year was our first Hijab Day, and it was really nice. There was a lot of questions from students,” Williams added.