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‘Science facts, not alternative facts:’ Students rally in the March for Science


Demonstrators including students gathered on Earth Day for the “March for Science” to support ‘science facts, [and] not alternative facts,’ in the words of some of the posters at the march. Sparked by those who oppose President Trump’s claims to increase budget cuts against scientific research, demonstrators assembled for yet another march this year.

“I felt compelled [to go] by the ongoing political change that were being made in our country regarding environmental issues. I wanted to stand with individuals who felt that we, as a society, need to make a serious change in order to ensure a safe, efficient future,” senior Meghana Chaganti said.

Students were also encouraged by some of their science classes to go. “[It] was part of my AP Environmental Science final project, but I also wanted to be a part of something bigger than myself,” senior Grant Wilson said.

Recently, marches have played a big part in society and how people demonstrate their frustrations. “Going to marches have been my personal way of dealing with changes in government. By protesting the choices made by the president with selfish intentions I am able to feel some hope. The constitution reminds us that the power is in the people; until the president realizes the position he’s in, I will protest. I don’t want my future children dealing with the mess we made,” senior Christine Miller said.

The marches taking place have empowered more than just outside community members, as it has also empowered students at Metea. “I used to be silent about issues until I realized to create change, you must be it. I believe communities are strengthened through the unity that a protest can provide,” Miller added.

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Zainie Qureshi, Metea Media Editor-in-Chief
This is Zainie's third year on staff and she is Metea Media's current Editor-in-Chief. Frankly, she loves too many things and is unable to list them all. Find her in the music hall, the news room, and tripping over her shoelaces on the way to class. Not to mention various other locations around the school, including the whiteboard of the band room and the floor of the tech shop, where her instagram/twitter handle (@crazyzainiee) is painted on the floor. She's also the only one who finds her jokes amusing, but she's okay with that.

Comments (4)

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  • C

    Caleb BerryApr 27, 2017 at 2:01 pm

    I find it kind of funny when the left says that conservatives deny science when it comes to climate change. There were multiple theories stating predictions that have not come true. Also the article fails to mention that the ice caps are actually growing (according to NASA) at a rate of up too 200 billion tons a year.
    Also, fake science is also stating that there are more than two genders when anybody who passed FRESHMAN biology learns that gender is determined by chromosomes, and that is entirely impossible to change.

  • A

    A ModerateApr 27, 2017 at 12:27 pm

    I hate all of this complaining! That is all that this is, complaining about this and complaining about that, it seems that everything causes people to complain. The marches are just people taking off work to complain; people are spending their time to complain when they could be productive. What good does any of this complaining do?! This has nothing to do with the constitution or the people being in power. The people are in power because the people who were not happy with how the country was decided to put Trump in office. Let me quote Reagan when I say, “To all the paid political complainers, PUT UP OR SHUT UP.” For those of you who don’t know the meaning: FIX THE PROBLEMS INSTEAD OF COMPLAINING OR DON’T COMPLAIN! You can complain when you actually are trying to fix the problem. It honestly makes me sick to see my country acting like this!

    • B

      Barack ObamaMay 2, 2017 at 12:39 pm

      i’m complaining about your complaining, homeboy.

  • R

    Ryan MApr 27, 2017 at 12:07 pm

    The science march isn’t about science, its only about a pushing leftist agenda. If it was were really about science the march would focus on more than just climate change. It would also talk about the science behind transgender issues and abortion but if they did talk about the science behind those issues the march wouldn’t help push leftist propaganda. So instead the march focuses on leftist topics such as feminism which has nothing to do with science. The only topic the march topic that is science related is climate change, which the speakers at the marches do not fairly express the science for. Climate change is happening yes, but the climate always changes it has never stopped changing. The question is what percent of the change is due to humans and what percent is naturally occurring. Once we have figured that out we can decide whether or not to impose harsh regulations that will destroy thousands if not millions of jobs, or if we should let the free market work and loosen regulations due to a lack of impact the humans have had.

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‘Science facts, not alternative facts:’ Students rally in the March for Science