Daylight saving time is meant to give Americans more light during daytime hours.

Daylight saving time reignites controversy over observance

Amber Corkey and Isabella Villalobos March 11, 2020

As morning arises on the second Sunday of March, people stutter at their clocks realizing they may be an hour late to start their day. This widely adopted practice of moving the hour hand on clocks has...

Girl Talk: Putting an end to the stigma of menstruation

Girl Talk: Putting an end to the stigma of menstruation

Amber Corkey March 9, 2020

There is shame and guilt in talking about our periods. People with periods hold their tongues when talking about their experiences or any help they need. Over around 500 cycles in their lifetime, the average...

Project Revolution hosts its first event with politicians in the area.

Project Revolution fosters student advocacy in politics

Amber Corkey February 18, 2020

The anxious high schoolers awaited their elected officials to begin the Power of Politics Political Forum on Feb. 16. After an internship with State Senator Ram Villivalam, Junior Sahaja Danthurthy started...

The original crosses created last year are now being preserved by the Aurora Historical Society.

One Year Later

Myra Bajwa February 14, 2020
Within a few days of the mass shooting at the Henry Pratt warehouse in Aurora one year ago, most people across the country added Aurora to their mental list of shootings. For the people of Aurora, however, the shock of a mass shooting at home remained.

Chicago Public Schools make strides in their inclusion efforts.

Jordan Dullnigg February 12, 2020

 Eunice Kennedy Shriver is a staple icon within Special Olympics. She started Camp Shriver which was a camp for young people with intellectual disabilities that started in Shriver’s backyard in 1962....

Metea recognizes academic excellence without class ranking

Metea recognizes academic excellence without class ranking

Isabella Villalobos February 6, 2020

Metea, along with other schools in District 203 and 204, does not do class ranking in its system. Class ranking is something that puts the students in numerical order of GPA and academics out of their...

Month in review: January

Month in review: January

Spotlight Department February 4, 2020

Australia fires  2020 started out with upward of 11 million hectares of Australian land destroyed by bush fires. How the fires started varies from case to case, but the fires are fueled in part due...

Missouri House Bill resurfaces ideas about literary censorship

Missouri House Bill resurfaces ideas about literary censorship

Claire Baffes, Spotlight Reporter January 29, 2020

The Parental Oversight of Public Libraries Act entered the Missouri House of Representatives on Jan. 8 as part of Missouri House Bill 2044. The Bill pushed for the creation of a parent board who would,...

Portrait of a Graduate is a recent implementation for all IPSD 204 schools. It anticipates supporting the philosophy within the districts mission statement.

PORTRAIT OF A GRADUATE: IPSD introduces measures to bring clarity to the purpose of education

Leland Pan, Sports Editor January 27, 2020

There are 1,420 minutes in a day. The National Science Foundation states that humans can have up to 60,000 thoughts each day. A decent fraction of those thoughts typically includes a couple of tests, along...

The male mental health crisis requires attention and a complex solution

The male mental health crisis requires attention and a complex solution

Marco Rivero, Spotlight Editor January 16, 2020

Imagine being at the cusp of drowning. Imagine feeling the currents of water pulling you down as your body flails for a gasp of breath. Imagine being unable to scream for help. Now imagine walking down...

La ayuda financiera ayuda a los estudientas que necesitan dinero para la universidad.

Como la ayuda financiera es un visto para estudiantes yendo para la universidad

Isabella Villalobos January 13, 2020

La conversación de qué universidad es mejor para cada estudiante es algo que es determinado con muchos factores. Uno de esos factores siendo el costo y cuánta ayuda financiera cada escuela va a dar...

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