New technology policy gives students more freedom


A new technology policy has been implemented this year, detailing acceptable electronic usage throughout the school day. That is, texting, games, and headphones used in “non-instructional” areas will not be confiscated, as they have been for the past five years. So far, students say it’s a huge help. “Sometimes if access is too loud, I can plug in my music… or if I need to text my mom something important, I won’t get in trouble,” senior Kayla Duerr said.

Allowing new privileges is always a bit of a risk. Some worry students will push the boundaries of the revised policy. “I still feel like students will try to sneak it in class or use it inappropriately,” said Duerr.

With these concerns is the issue of photos. While many students snap selfies or group pictures outside of school, doing so in school could cause problems. “People might not want photos taken of them that might be put up on Facebook,” junior Marium Madison said.

But some say photos haven’t really been an issue. “You don’t see too many photos being taken around school. The majority of kids don’t take photos, they text or use them for research… It’s a blessing because [the policy] needed to be changed for the fact that people do use their phones a lot… They were trying to force a rule on the kids when they don’t see the need to not use their phones. They’re adapting just like I’m adapting,” Deans’ Assistant Mr. Gordon said.

By Madeline White