People are mad about Breonna Taylor not getting the justice she deserved


Emily Shiff

Breonna Taylor was one of many victims from police brutality.

As a Black woman, I am furious about the decision made about Breonna Taylor’s death. The name Breonna Taylor has been said more than a million times, yet she still does not have the justice she deserves. It has been more than six months since her brutal killing in her own home, and her killers have still not been locked up. 

We all know the story. Three police officers entered Breonna Taylor’s home unannounced firing 32 shots, with five of them hitting Taylor on March 13. All while she was peacefully sleeping. It is sad to know that she would never wake up. They came in there shooting obviously trying to kill something. It might not have been Breonna Taylor but with 32 shots there objective was to kill.

Breonna Taylor’s three murderers are still not in jail for mindlessly killing Taylor in her own home. Louisville has done everything for the family besides the main thing they demand, which is to lock up her killers for the activity they engaged in. The Taylors got a law passed called the Breonna Taylor Act banning no-knock warrants and forcing police to wear body cams on May 21. Soon after, Breonna Taylor’s name is representing a national slogan against police brutality, and the family has even received a $12 million settlement. Once her killers are locked up, they will be at peace and have the feeling of justice served. 

Why is it so difficult to lock the murderers up? Is it because they are white? Or is it because they are policemen?

Recently, Brett Hankison, one out of the three officers involved with Breonna Taylor’s killing, has been charged with wanton endangerment because of the 10 shots fired into the apartment wall. The officer was charged with the damage he had done to the building and creating an unsafe environment for the neighbors instead of being charged with second-degree murder, which he deserved for killing an innocent civilian in her sleep. 

Nonetheless, none of the officers were actually charged for the wrongful, unjust murder committed in the apartment that day. People around the world, including me, were waiting to hear the charge and ruling given to the deserving murderers, and we waited this long only to see that their privilege saved them once again. When the news got out about the charges and ruling, protests broke out. 

People have a right to be upset. People have a right and are entitled to the emotions they are feeling. The court basically ruled that the building and environment were more important than the Black woman’s life that was asleep that day. 

If you happen to be one of the people out there that still does not understand why people are out protesting and wondering why people are so upset about the merciless murder, then let me paint a picture for you. Put yourself in a little black girl’s shoes. She sees that Breonna Taylor looks just like her.  She hears that Taylor’s murderers are not being charged with the right charges. What could possibly be going through a little girl’s head when she hears and sees such things? She starts to think, “If Taylor’s life was not important, what about my life? Is my life even important enough to get officers charged?” This is a sad reality the Black community lives in. The parents have to talk to their own kids about issues such as Breonna Taylor’s incident and these questions get brought up more than expected. 

No child should have to stay up thinking about police injustice and brutality that could happen to them. That is why people are mad. We want everyone’s justice to be served equally. We want our lives to be seen the same as everyone else’s. 

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