Humans of Metea: Necklaces for Mark


Ashley Xie

Senior Andrew Bradshaw has been involved with baseball since he was four years old.

Emily Veenstra

Finding something positive in a negative situation is never easy to do. Discovering the positive moments during a pandemic is even harder. Junior Mary Kate Farmer, founder of Necklaces for Mark, sells jewelry with a purpose. Every month, Mary Kate uses the money she makes selling necklaces to donate to charity in her father’s name.

What inspired you to start your business?

I was inspired to start Necklaces for Mark by my father after he passed away. I wanted to try to make a difference in the community in his honor. 

When did you begin making jewelry?

I started making jewelry this past June. I wanted to make something, but I could not really figure out what I wanted to do. I saw a bunch of people making jewelry and it stood out to me. I thought that it was a cool idea, so I decided to start making it. I really relied on my grandma while making it because she used to make jewelry so it really helped me get the idea going.

Why did you choose to donate to the American Heart Association?

I did a lot of research before I started making jewelry to figure out what exactly to do with the money. I looked at a bunch of different heart foundations. The one that stood out to me the most was the American Heart Association. They do so much good with the money they receive that it really seemed like the best place to donate to. So, at the end of each month, the proceeds I make from selling necklaces are donated in my dad’s name.

Where do you sell your jewelry?

I sell it on my Instagram page @necklacesformark. I sell my necklaces for $7, and I just began selling earrings for $10.

What are your hopes for Necklaces for Mark? 

I would love for people to listen to my story. I want people to listen and see that you can always make a positive impact even after something horrible happens. I hope that I can continue to make and sell jewelry so I can keep making donations. I am also hoping that I can also start selling my necklaces at Metea soon so more people can hear my story.