Mustang Mania, the annual hype machine, does not disappoint once again


Photo courtesy of Emma Nicholson

Soccer players participate at Mustang Mania after a long break from school

Max Berglind

Metea hosted their annual fall sports kick off this past Friday. Spectators could sense the excitement in the air. 

At Mustang Mania, the sports teams were advertising themselves through intriguing games and competitions. Some of the teams also designed their table a certain way to gain the appeal of students. The table designs were essential as they were able to recruit members and promote their sport. 

The golf teams had their very own putting game on display, where spectators could come by and try their shot at a prize. They got quite a bit of engagement, as there was often a lengthy line.  

The speed pitch event, hosted by the baseball team, was also a popular attraction. Participants would throw a baseball into a net and see how fast it was. Students and families would come by and compete with each other to see which one of them could get the fastest pitch. 

Throughout the rest of the night, a variety of teams were able to flaunt their sport. The competitions kicked off with a scrimmage amongst the soccer teams. While that was going on, the boys’ and girls’ cross country teams had their own 4×100 meter relays. 

Senior Pinakin Kale, a member of the boys’ cross country team, ran in the 4×100.

“The 4x100m was pretty fun, there was a lot of competitiveness but it was mostly light hearted,” Kale said. 

After the boys’ soccer team finished their scrimmage, the marching band took the turf and gave us a preview of their future halftime performance, called “Resilience.” The performance featured music from the Who, Green Day, and The Greatest Showman.