5 ways to get a good nights sleep


With issues such as insomnia and the stress of school work, it has become extremely hard for high school students to get a good nights sleep. Though, there are many remedies to help get a solid eight hours rest.

Green Tea

Green Tea is known for its amazing benefits. Drinking this tea, made from the Camellia sinensis plant, can boost your metabolism, make your skin softer and healthier, and improve your immune system. Decaf green tea can also help you sleep. The tea has a chemical called theanine which helps and improves your sleep over all.


White Noise

“White Noise”, which is a natural or luring sound, can help your brain fall asleep. Noises such as the ocean waves, thunder and lightning, or crickets become “ignored” by your brain making you fall asleep to the lullaby of nature. Having a white noise machine or even a nature sounds pandora station can help you fall asleep quicker without popping a few nyquils.

white noise

Wearing Your PJs

Believe it or not, wearing your pajamas can improve your sleep. Having your favorite pair of footie pj’s on and a stuffed animal can make your body comfortably sleep quicker. Like having a mass of blankets and pillows, the more comfortable you are, the more sleep you get.



Being active for an hour or more a day and having a healthy diet gives your body the nutrients and endorphins that it needs to send you into a content slumber.



Calming music or even your favorite playlist can really help you sleep, especially classical or music with simply just an instrument playing. Just like white noise, having something to stir the silence can sooth your brain can help your sleep pattern immensely.


By Megan Arnold