Spirit week themes are starting to become repetitive


Jane Shiff

A spirit week has been held this week to celebrate the holiday season. But some argue spirit weeks should include broader themes.

Allison Davids, Headlines reporter

This week the school is hosting spirit week before the approach of finals. The Metea Valley student government organizes and plans activities for the school. One of those activities is planning the theme ideas for spirit week. Spirit week is usually celebrated twice a semester, but we have seen an additional mini spirit week in honor of the girls’ volleyball team winning state this year. Spirit weeks are where students dress up according to the theme. Students enjoy expressing their style according to the themes, but some of the themes ideas are getting repetitive. 

Monday’s theme is pajamas day. This theme is classic and easy to do. It is fun to see people go all out by wearing a onesie or slippers. But an issue with this theme is that students already wear their pajama pants to school. 

Tuesday is twin day where students can choose to match with their friends. This theme is cool, but requires more effort to do. Coordinating an outfit with a friend, or even a group can be difficult to plan. And students would not even know if someone is twinning unless the two people or group are seen together. This major factor makes the theme not as fun. The theme would be better represented if there was a spirit assembly scheduled that day in addition to the theme. This would allow students to sit with their friends that they are twinning with. 

The theme is also one we have already done this year. Going forward spirit weeks should not have all the themes be repeating. Spirit weeks happen about twice a semester which leaves plenty of room for different spirit week theme ideas. Repeating themes become boring over time leaving less students wanting to participate. 

A popular spirit theme idea that has been trending on tik tok this year is “bring anything but a backpack.” The trend is when you bring your school supplies in anything, but a backpack. The trend has shown students carrying their belongings in trash bins, wagons, and other odd objects. This theme is different from traditional themes because it promotes creativity which would bring a lot of laughs to teachers and students.

Wednesday’s theme is flannel day and is another classic theme idea, but again it is repetitive. Many students already wear flannels to school so it is not a creative idea. Spirit week is fun, but if we change the themes it would allow students to express themselves. Another idea that would be interesting is to bring a “pet” to school. This theme would be bringing a stuffed animal school and have it be your ”desk pet” for the day. The theme could be universal in that students can bring in a pillow instead. The theme is meant to promote peace, and comfort which is what stuffed animals are often associated with. Students would bring in a variety of stuffed animals. Bonus points if you have your “pet” on a leash.

Thursday is holiday hats which is a fitting theme as the holidays approach. However, almost everyone will be wearing Santa hats which makes the theme not as original. There are many other holidays that should be represented. These holidays may not have a hat to represent their holiday. The theme is not as broad, so it limits creativity and students’ inability to express their culture. 

Friday’s theme is the day I am most looking forward to. The theme is ugly sweater day, and this theme is the most creative out of all the themes. The theme works well timing wise with the chilly weather, and holidays approaching. Thursday’s and Friday’s themes are both worded to stay neutral since not everyone celebrates Christmas.

The spirit week themes are great, but are starting to become repetitive. There are plenty of other themes we can create besides the typical USA or neon theme. An idea is having the students vote on the themes, allowing students to take part in school spirit.