District 204 boundary committee has officially decided on new boundary plans

Sydney Burleyson, Headlines Editor

A final consensus came to light regarding the ongoing topic of District 204 boundary adjustments at the board of education meeting on Jan. 10, 2022. Boundaries have been in discussion since April 2021. The new plans will be implemented in the 2022-2023 school year. 

The current boundary plans are not going to affect fifth graders, eighth graders, or high school seniors. Individuals impacted by changes will receive a letter from 204 with more details regarding these changes. Any student in their last year at a school will not be required to switch schools so the student can finish out their year.

The new boundary changes will decrease the number of students attending a currently overpopulated school. While many schools in 204, such as Metea Valley, struggle with overcrowding, schools like Waubonsie Valley or Neuqua Valley deal with underpopulation. The goal of set plans is to utilize schools that are underpopulated by sending more students there. For more information regarding who will be affected and new boundary maps visit the 204 boundary maps

Many boundary meetings and public forums have been held since the start of the boundary process. Parents and members of the 204 community have been able to express their concerns regarding previously proposed plans such as concerns over transportation, and commute times.With new boundary plans students local school might change causing them to have to travel farther to attend school.

Flaws do lie with the set boundary map, such as transportation needs. Students who choose to ‘grandfather’ meaning they will choose to stay at their prospective school are not guaranteed transportation and are encouraged to arrange their own.With this comes issues such as students not being able to attend after school clubs and academic opportunities due to a lack of transportation. 

Families affected by boundary changes will be sent more information on their prospected changes in February. For more information regarding how the boundary plans affect your community visit, boundary adjustments approved on the 204 website.