Girls’ bowling honor five seniors in the last conference match of the season


Aidan Renteria

Metea’s bowling team performs with great teamwork at the Fox Bowl. They built on each other with school chants and congratulating their success.

Grace Cronin, Sports Reporter

The girls’ bowling team honored their five seniors Sydney Lewis, Holly Dudlicek, Elizabeth Mansmith, Jasmine Allen, and Michaela Graves in a victorious senior night match against Glenbard East this Wednesday. This memorable day ended in a pizza party for the girls as they finished with a score of 2773-2324, officially declaring them undefeated in conference, allowing for a great send-off for the seniors. 

“I think I did really well,” Lewis said. “I had a couple of bad shots, but I got over it and kept moving and ended with a pretty good score.”

Between games two and three, the ceremony for these five seniors began. Each senior lined up with their parents and waited for their turn to be honored by head coach Kristen Mansmith, principal Dr. Echols, and athletic director Matt Fehrmann. Before each girl was announced, they stated some things about them including what they were planning to do after high school. 

“Get to know your teammates,” Lewis offered as advice to underclassmen. “It is really important to have that bond that you can rely on each other and also just makes the environment so much more fun.”

Along with this already special match for the seniors, this marked the last conference matchup for the girls who were currently undefeated this season. With the help of all the seniors’ gallant efforts, the team was able to pull through and be undefeated for all of the conference matches this season, leaving the seniors with a great end to the conference season and reassurance as they prepare for the DVC conference and regionals.

“It feels like you have a different responsibility when you are a senior because you have to be the example and you do not get to watch other people and follow them,” Lewis said. “You have to be that role model.

The girls’ next game was Thursday at the DVC conference where they became Conference champs.