Humans of Metea: Rachel Byrne


Photo courtesty to Rachel Byrne

Rachel loves to be active in the school community, but most of all, she enjoys performing with her peers.

Ollie Shuminas, Spotlight Reporter

Senior Rachel Byrne is involved in many activities including Varsity Choir, Book Club, Speech, Mustang Comedy, Tri-M Honors Society, and Drama Club. Keep reading to learn more about her!

What is your favorite memory from your school activities?

My favorite memory would definitely be my experience on the speech team. My only regret was waiting to join until my senior year. From category meetings to Saturday tournaments, the experience was unforgettable, but co-running the book club has also been incredibly fulfilling. I love every Thursday morning, and I hope the group continues to thrive after I graduate.

What has inspired you to be the best version of yourself?

Most definitely my best friends. Throughout high school, I have been in many different groups and social spheres. All of them have contributed to who I am today, but my best friends have had an impact that I could not be more thankful for. They have helped me find my passions and goals as I grow out of high school.

What do you plan on pursuing in the future?

I will be attending Augustana College this fall to study Communications Sciences and Disorders (Speech Pathology).

How has being a student here at Metea set you up for success?

It has helped me realize my love for helping people along with critical life skills I will continue to use in years to come.

Is there anyone you would like to say a few words to?

Thank you to Mr. Simon for taking a chance on a senior novice and allowing me to have an amazing speech season. I could not be more grateful. And thank you to Mrs. Madzinizci for your constant support throughout this year. Senior year would not have been the same without you. I can not wait to see what the book club becomes.

What is a message you can give to other high schoolers? 

Do not be afraid to get involved. Take the chance. Try out, audition, and sign up for everything you are interested in. You will be surprised by the amount of happiness it will bring. The worst thing that can happen is you try again next year.

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