As a perpetual scaredy cat, haunted houses are one of the last places I want to be. To start, there are people in scary, gruesome makeup jumping out from every corner. It is a double jump scare. You jump, calm down, then register the frightening character in front of you and become fearful again.

Additionally, the people in the surrounding area are also scared, which makes it easy to run into someone. This could be scarier than the actual scary people. Imagine finally calming down and the person behind screams, causing yet another fright.

The entire time you are on edge, wondering what will happen next- which could be the appeal of them- but I have never enjoyed that.

Some people say that they go to haunted houses for the rush they get after exiting one, but that means you can only fully enjoy an experience after you have finished it. I would prefer to do something that I would enjoy the entire time, not just the aftermath. To me, the thrill after is not worth the fear.

Also, I would not enjoy having a bunch of other people see me get scared. That, and the act of being in fear, are both of my worst nightmares combined into one night of chaos. 

It is understandable how some people like haunted houses, but I am not one of them. Being on edge for up to 30 minutes, plus the wait in line, which is full of anxiety, is not how I want to spend the month of October. I would prefer to partake in calmer activities like going to a pumpkin patch or baking. I understand why people love haunted houses, but I am not one of them and I probably never will be.