Waubonsie and Metea basketball have a fierce rivalry


Jake Sonetz

The Mustangs and Warriors meet each other again as they play each other for the second time this season.

Mustangs and the Warriors faced each other for the second time on Jan. 27 with their last game together ending in a 60-54, with the Warriors taking the win. The first matchup went into exciting overtime and both sides had student sections that did not hold back their enthusiasm. However, Metea had beaten the Warriors in their first game.

The Mustangs came into the game with an overall better record of 18-6. The team sat third in the DuPage Valley conference while the Warriors were 12-10 and fourth in the conference. The Warriors started off hot, leading the Mustangs 26-11 in the first half. The Mustangs put up a fight in the second half yet Waubonsie left the game defeating Metea 64-41.

Both teams showed up in full force on both offense and defense, with a significant factor of the game being the student sections. Both sections chanted “We cannot hear you!” and “I believe that we will win!”.

With this matchup coming to a close, the Warriors and Mustangs have played each other for over a decade now and have faced off 24 times with Waubonsie having 13 wins while Metea has 11 against each other. Since opening in 2009, the Mustang’s overall record is 165-154 and Waubonsie’s record since then is 189-144. 

The Mustangs and Warriors have an incredible rivalry that branches to the school, students, teachers, and social media accounts. The students of Metea and Waubonsie have created their own Barstool (sports) social media accounts in which they post pictures each week for different sports. Throughout basketball season these two accounts have been bashing one another with funny posts which include players and pictures from former games. These accounts are vital to the trash talk and rivalry the students have between these two schools within the 204 district.

“Social media has a big impact, especially for fans. When the barstool posts about the other team it is funny to look at and make fun of,” junior Alex Danehl said. “Social media and funny posts can push the other team to play better and shut up the other school. Trolling the other team and being able to back it up on the court is always fun to do and it makes the game way more fun.”

Dahnel says the rivalry between schools drives athletes’ ability to play well on the court. “The rivalry between [Metea] and Waubonsie is pretty good. It is more than [them] just being another school in the Dupage Valley Conference (DVC), it is knowing the players on that team personally and having some coaches on our staff teach there,” Dahnel said. “Rivalry helps these athletes play to the best of their abilities which makes the games entertaining. It creates a drive to win for both teams which makes the games fun and interesting.”