Jordan Sonnenblick visits Metea


Young adult author, Jordan Sonnenblick, spoke to our students in the library September 5 about his books, his writing process, and his own personal life experiences.

“Being an author is the best way to convey his message about really heartbreaking topics, but in a positive way,” senior Emily Meyers who attended the presentation said. Sonnenblick’s first novel was written for a former student of his whose brother was diagnosed with leukemia. “Her mother asked me if I could find a book her daughter could read about what she was going through and I couldn’t find one. I felt like the book was a good way to put my money where my mouth is,” author Sonnenblick said.

Many of his other books including Notes from the Midnight Driver and Are You Experienced? talk about serious topics such as drunk driving and suicide. While writing his novels, he hopes he can use his writing as a way to teach his readers a lesson. “Maybe someone somewhere would take the keys away from someone whose been drinking or getting high, or they won’t get in the car with someone whose drunk or getting high or they themselves won’t get high or drunk and drive,” Sonnenblick said.

Sonnenblick’s most recent novel, Are You Experienced? is loosely based off of a friend he lost to a heroin overdose. “I wrote the book to help myself cope with the loss,” Sonnenblick said.

By Alexis McDaniel

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