World language fair showcases benefits of learning a new language


By Kiera Donovan
Online Writer
Photos by Brittany Coates

Students learned about and celebrated different cultures and languages at the world language fair, held in the library on Thursday during lunch periods.

“It’s a cool opportunity to learn about different cultures,” sophomore Abby Widd said.

The fair presented many ways to use foreign languages outside of a classroom. Almost all the tables had people from outside of the school, with jobs ranging from airline representatives to interpreters.

“This fair really opens your eyes that if you know another language you don’t just have to teach,” spanish teacher Brandi Bane said. “There are so many possibilities for careers and travel.”


During world language week, each day the pledge is said in one of the languages taught at Metea Valley as a way to celebrate the diversity of the Mustangs.

The school’s fair had many representatives of different cultures in attendance. The languages represented were French, Spanish, German, and Chinese. There was also an American sign language specialist to inform students about the opportunity to take this course in the 2016-2017 year.

“This week is a great opportunity to connect with other students,” Widd said. “Listening to the pledge in different languages connects you to the people who speak that language.”

America is a melting pot and Metea’s diverse student population represents that. World language week is a way that the school celebrates these mixed cultures.

“There are a lot of different cultures in this school,” junior and French club member Ally Schell said. “Saying the pledge in a different language really involves other cultures in our school.”

Cultures connected all throughout this week, through the involvement of over 1,000 students between the world language fair, the movie nights that were held on Tuesday and Thursday night, and the daily online trivia.