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Community honors military service with annual Veterans Day celebration


The Metea community welcomed local veterans for the Veterans Day celebration on Friday, honoring those for their service in various wars and military branches. An annual affair, the program featured the recognition of servicemen and women, various student performances, and speeches from distinguished veterans.

The assembly honored community veterans with musical performances from junior Ariyana White, the Hip-Hop club, and a joint rendition of “America the Beautiful” from the orchestra and choir.

“Veterans served you to protect this country, and to preserve life. It’s important to take the time to remember that today,” speaker Lieutenant Brian Caputo said.

Keynote speaker Lieutenant General John Bradley, a retired Air Force pilot with 41 years of service, spoke on the importance of honoring retired soldiers. 

“Veteran’s Day is the one day where [one] can reflect and thank those who serve,” Bradley said.

One of the main themes throughout the program focused on the importance of student service through community action and future endeavors.

“You don’t just have to be in the military to serve. There are plenty of ways to serve your fellow man in this country,” Bradley said.

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In part of the Veteran’s Day celebration, Bradley spoke to students throughout the day about his dedication to outreach with his organization Lamia Afghan.

“We wanted to change some lives by educating the girls in Afghanistan. It started with a little girl named Lamia. This little girl is what made me decide that I wanted to do something for the people in Afghanistan. I wanted to make a difference,” Bradley said.

Speakers encouraged students to participate in community outreach through service clubs and organizations to do their part. First Class Sergeant Alfredo Vargas shared similar sentiment in his speech. “All of you sitting here have the opportunity to serve this country,” Vargas said.

“I look at this generation, and I think America is set for the future,” Bradley said.

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  • S

    ShuuyaNov 15, 2016 at 7:38 am

    I have to disagree with this. Many people were disrespectful during the assembly, such as rushing out as soon as it hit 2:25. There was also someone on the other set of bleachers, across the gym, who was pushing herself down the stairs while sitting down. She looked like a dog scooting across the carpet. I was disgusted, not only because I knew who she was (a bully bothering me for years), but also because of how crudely disrespectful she was acting. Talking was also a big issue. I remember it taking a while for people to be quiet.

    • T

      THE VETERANS DESERVE MORE RESPECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Nov 15, 2016 at 6:05 pm

      During the national anthem, I heard SEVERAL people say “Josè does that star spankled bannner…” instead of “Oh, say…” AND thats not it at all!!!!!!!!!!!!! My friend sitting next to me also told me he needed to go to the bathroom, and after the assembly I saw that he had tweeted a pic of himself on his bus, lying down on the seat, 5 minutes after he left the gym and the caption said, “Skippin the assembly! no biggie, its just the veterans day assembly, those veterans just want more attention, as if they don’t get enough already!” WHAT THE HECK?! THEY SPENT ALL THIS TIME, RISKED (/gave up) THEIR LIVES! THEY CHOOSE RUNNING THROUGH A HAILSTORM OF BULLETS AND BOMBS AND BLOODSHED OVER THE CHOICE OF JUST SITTING AROUND!!!! ALL SO WE COULD LIVE IN A SAFE COUNTRY!!! SO ENEMIES WOULDN’T JUST COME AND RUN AROUND ON OUR SOIL!!!!! I mean, THESE GUYS FOUGHT FOR US!! and then they get THIS?!?! Boy my friend is SO lucky I am not outing his name…

      • L

        lmao noobNov 17, 2016 at 1:18 pm

        cool story bro

        • P

          ParkerNov 18, 2016 at 11:14 am

          What you mean “cool story”? That’s not cool at all. What his friend did was just flat out rude. Our soldiers, the people that spent years defending our country, are being majorly disrespected. His friend is basically saying that they are people who interrupt our time just because they want attention!!! What part of that is cool??

      • P

        Patriot R. AdamsNov 21, 2016 at 10:52 am

        Im so sorry for yo loss, wel i let u konw that i am chinese american and i feel yo bro wanna be friends torrmow?

  • K

    Killian KennyNov 15, 2016 at 7:23 am

    Our soldiers deserve respect, and seldom receive it. It’s only natural that we go over the top with our veteran’s day activities, as a way to show them the respect that they earned in the field and among us.

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Community honors military service with annual Veterans Day celebration