Engage204 connects parents with district decisions

Parents and teachers from across the district attended the monthly Engage204 session at Still Middle School on Monday night. This month, participants discussed #FutureReady204 and what that means for schools moving forward.

“The purpose of Engage204 sessions is to really hear the community’s voice on what their priorities are for the future of our district,” superintendent Dr. Karen Sullivan said.

Attendees were given a brief presentation before being allowed to discuss in small groups what possible new developments take priority over others. “The school board knows they might have some pretty difficult decisions coming up about our budget, our facilities, the kind of education a student receives,” Sullivan said. “And they want to know what the community values, what their priorities are, what they support so that that helps them in making good decisions on behalf of the community.”

At the end of the night, groups of participants shared out their top priorities and give recommendations.

“You get to learn about what’s actually happening, you get to learn parents’, teachers’, and students’ perspectives on what’s happening in our district,” parent Kris Harvey said.

Attendees are happy to have the ability to engage in different perspectives. “I think it’s been great, just listening to multiple viewpoints, different people coming with their own issues and their own priorities, trying to figure out what are we going to go,” parent and teacher Shobha Kumarapuram said.  

The next Engage204 is on February 26 at Still Middle School.