Students start club that helps make a difference

A selfless vision of how to better the world, Sophomore Myra Bajwa and Dean Rowe began a club to support girls on a local and global level. Their motivation? Other people. “I know a lot of people in other countries and I’ve heard their stories on how they are denied access to education,” Bajwa said.

In the tiny conference room tucked away in the sophomore house, a tight-knit group dubbed the Girls Initiative Club meet. The sponsor Dean Rowe joins the discussion, moderating, but feels more like a part of the group.

The club starts their meeting with a web page. They took a look at, a United Nations-sponsored organization that supports girls in low-income countries. They draw inspiration and motivation from the site.

Starting on the local level, the group has targeted Granger Middle School. “Right now we are looking at doing a big sisters program with our middle schools,” Rowe explained. A member said that a big sister program could lead to a continuing stream of people in the club.

There is an effortless and safe discussion of the groups own thoughts. Bajwa said: “A small club of like-minded people helped our discussions because people felt comfortable discussing how they feel.”

A perfect example of how students can make a difference, Rowe’s advice was that you have to “bring your friends together.”

The club meets on Thursdays after school in H209!