Senior checkout in LMC to return Chromebooks

Seniors must return Chromebooks and textbooks before the end of the year in order to graduate. Senior checkout days are in the LMC on May 21 and 22, during senior finals.

Seniors will need to turn in their Chromebook, Chromebook charger, and the Chromebook cover. They will also turn in their textbooks and take care of library fines. “Books that have been lost that belong to the library, they’ll have to pay for the replacement cost of those books,” LMC Director Debbie Turner said. Chromebooks, Chromebook chargers, and Chromebook covers will also have to be paid for if lost or damaged.

Juniors, sophomores, and freshmen will keep their Chromebooks for the following school year and return their textbooks through their teachers as they normally do. Juniors and sophomores will return their Chromebooks at the end of their senior year, and current freshmen will be returning their Chromebooks at the end of their junior year.