BREAKING NEWS: Student found with a knife at school


Zainie Qureshi

Dr.Karen Sullivan decided that all schools in IPSD 204 would move to online learning.

Principal Dr. Echols issued a phone call home on Friday, April 27, regarding an incident that happened the previous day, on Thursday, April 26. Students notified building administrators that a student brought a knife to school.

“We received information that one of our students made a poor decision, and brought a knife to school,” Echols said in the call.

According to the phone call, no students or staff were ever in immediate danger, and the Aurora Police Department worked quickly to investigate the situation. “Please know, at no time were any of our students or staff threatened, or in any danger,” Echols said.

Echols declined to be interviewed for this story citing an ongoing investigation that is taking place. 

In his phone call, Echols commended the efforts of the students who reported the incident and emphasized the importance of making good decisions.

“We appreciate that our students acted responsibly and immediately notified us so that we could take action. District 204 takes this situation very seriously and disciplinary action is occurring,” Echols said in the call.