Mustang 30 is a good idea executed poorly

Brandt Ward, Perspectives Reporter


Mustang 30 hit us by surprise. There was no indication that it was happening except for a few rumors about its existence. It was not until a few weeks later, they were going to test a 30 minute period between 2nd and 3rd period out. Mustang 30 was quite interesting, to say the least. The first Mustang 30 was a disaster. Large quiet study rooms such as the library and the large forum room were crowded. Passing by using either passageway was a chore.

When everyone figured out that both of these quiet study rooms were filled to the brim the hallway, they began to flood with people. In my own experience, I simply could not find a room. Many of my friends were offered spaces that they go to during the regular school day, whilst the teachers were keeping everyone else out. One girl that I did not know very well ended up being taken into an art classroom while myself and my other friends were shunned from all rooms due to space or because we were not a part of the class. Teachers, specifically in the art hallway, would only let students that they knew into their classrooms, which ended up adding even more fuel to the fire.

In the end, a few friends and I sat in the PE hallway where most of the leftover students went. Whether Mustang 30 was calm and peaceful for the individual does not take away from the fact that Mustang 30 was a complete mess. The second Mustang 30, while still confusing, was better than the first. People knew where to go now and did not immediately turn to the populated areas.

Teachers communicated significantly better about what they were doing for Mustang 30 so students actually went to the classes that are in their schedule, making it run a lot smoother. However, the issue with Mustang 30 is not why it’s here. In theory, Mustang 30 sounds fantastic. The whole issue is placement and execution. I would argue that about half of the school is just trying to find a spot where they can talk with their friends or do what they please without anyone bothering them. Mustang 30 allows students to be independent of their learning. We can see that students are not utilizing this tool very well. The library and the large forum room were crowded for a reason. Most teachers have essentially said “this is a free study period” with some enforcing people to be quiet while others not. Mustang 30 is a horrendous idea. It asks every individual student to find a place all at the same time. The “sign up method” was attempted but it failed which was the cause of the first Mustang 30. The only reason the second went smoothly is that everyone purposely stayed away from the large forum room and the library, which did actually leave hallways hectic.

While students are not self-disciplined enough to properly do Mustang 30, it can still be salvaged. Mustang 30 should incorporate more elements into what it’s trying to achieve. Those who are willing should still have the opportunity. However, Mustang 30 can be used as club meetings, informational meetings, workout sessions, math team practice, mane filming, and so much more. Mustang 30 incorporating extracurriculars could benefit not only student’s involvement but also stress levels. Working out and going to clubs are stress relievers for a lot of kids, and many who would rather go to the library or elsewhere might meet for extracurriculars. These would be meetings for the most part but could be practice for some activities. Mustang 30 was not a very good idea because it took in student involvement in school, which is why it was so crowded and hallways were messy, but adding more possibilities would make students a lot more involved, and could benefit the health of students.