Spoiler-free review

Love can become infatuation. Infatuation becomes obsession. Obsession becomes homicide. In season two of the Netflix series “YOU”, we follow Joe once again, but this time with a new setting. Joe is in Las Vegas now, and he is hoping to start a new life.

In this new life, he is encountered with scumbag celebrities, old exes, and his essentially perfect match, Love. His endeavors with Love do not exactly resemble Beck’s, and I am glad that this season was not repetitive. We follow a new bundle of new characters, and their stories are dwelved more into this time around. While season one was not  shallow, it surely seems so compared to season two. This time around, instead of backstories being mentioned vaguely and not touched upon ever again, stories are now slowly uncovered at perfect pace. 

There was shock, surprise, and  twists, making this season way more intense than the first. This season has viewers in a stir, ranging from them admitting their own creepy qualities, to questioning their morals with rooting for the main character. I am in love with this show, and for the first time in a while, I want to look deeper. That is not hard to do, as there is a lot of symbolism all throughout. Messages are not just blatant though, as some things can be seen only when watching again.

As mentioned before, we follow Joe once again. More about his childhood is revealed, and viewers get to see why he does the things that he does. It is almost like a villain origin story, as direct mirrors between past and present are shown. When first thinking of Joe, villain does not come to mind, but that is in fact what he is. His wit and charm and cover this fact up, and that is why viewers fall for Joe, rather than run away from him.

We see Joe crack more. We see him get smarter about his schemes, and we see him get better in a sense. There is less murder and violence on his part, and he acknowledges that what happened with Beck should not happen again.

I feel that this show is not something you can go in depth about without specific details, so I encourage anyone into drama and suspense to watch this show and check out the spoiler review. This show is very enjoyable, and there are many layers to it. It is not just a boy meets girl love story. It is  different because you watch from the point of view of the bad guy. You do not see the maiden in distress’ perspective. The show is filled with deep commentary from Joe and Joe alone. This can open up new mindsets and discussions, and I think that is great. Not only does it touch on the action of stalking, but it talks about the power of celebrities, addiction, and what a broken family can do to someone.

In conclusion, I loved this season immensely, and with season three just being announced, I look forward to watching again. Hopefully it comes in the near future.