New superintendent Adrian Talley creates a promising future for District 204


Alexandra Guckel

Dr. Adrian Talley meets with district families to discuss new plans on Jan. 15, 2020.

Indian Prairie School District 204 hired the new district superintendent, Adrian Talley, after the retirement of current district superintendent Karen Sullivan. Talley has been an educator for over thirty years, with five years being an administrator at Prince George’s County Public Schools in Maryland, which has given him the experience to work with District 204. 

“You look at the credentials and they blow you away, but it was his ability to work with staff and parents in the community,” District 204 School Board President Michael Raczak said. 

Talley has several new plans to improve the district. His primary goal is to listen to members of the community in order to better understand how he can make the district better. He especially wants to reach out to students in order to make sure that their education opportunities are as strong as they can be. 

“I do want to just listen to people, I want to have conversations, and find out what’s9o happening, what’s working, and then determine in a collaborative manner, where we have to go as a system,” Talley said. 

By talking with students from several different backgrounds, Talley believes that he will be able to better the district’s education system and enhance the rigorous curriculum that District 204 offers. One of his main goals is to focus on the schooling of children at both the elementary and middle school levels, since that will facilitate their learning in high school. 

Talley chose District 204 because he believes that the size of the district and the community involvement creates a positive community for him to work with. The district has about 27,000 students and 33 schools, which creates more opportunity for him to be involved with each school. 

“The community is actively involved and engaged,” Talley said. “No good school system is going to be good without parent and community engagement.” 

As part of starting to meet with the community, Talley held a Meet and Greet at the District 204 office on Tuesday, Jan. 14, in order to talk with administrators, teachers, and parents about how he can work to benefit everyone. Talley is excited for his new position, as he enjoys working with people and working in schools to help students. 

“My joy comes from ensuring that children are prepared for their futures. Every time I walk into a school, I realize that’s where I want to be,” Talley said.