BG Stampede look to  keep the school spirit alive in light of remote learning


Ashley Xie

The MC’s continue to keep school spirit alive through remote learning.

Although this school year looks a little different, BG Stampede’s MCs are trying to keep up Metea’s school spirit. Even though pep assemblies are at a pause, the MCs are not going to let that stop them from bringing school spirit to the student body. Through virtual spirit weeks and video competitions coming in the near future, their goal is to keep the Mustang pride high.

As MCs, we lead BG Stampede meetings where we discuss ways to bring spirit to Metea and unite the student body to cheer on our school,” Larmer said. “In the past, this would be planning pep assemblies, spirit weeks, and leading the student section at athletic events.”

MCs are students who are involved in government and then chosen to participate in school spirit events. They are always at pep assemblies bringing the energy up and involving students in games. 

“We also started an Instagram page because we know that people look at Instagram more than Twitter. We hope to bring more awareness to spirit week that way,” senior MC Kristian Aleksandrov said. 

With mostly everything being remote this year, keeping the enthusiastic atmosphere alive is a struggle. BG Stampede held a virtual spirit week in August where they gave out a $5 gift card to whoever participated. 

“I am very excited about some of the ideas we are trying to work out,” senior MC representative Becca Larmer said. “Our goal is to bring school spirit to Metea Valley and cheer on all of the school activities. We want to keep the spirit alive even if we are remote.”