Political correctness matters in modern society


As our generation explores the use of technology and communication, we are exposed to others’ opinions and beliefs. We learn the new studies of sexes, genders, and identities. As we come into experience with new people and their unique, extraordinary beliefs, we learn more about ourselves and what kind of person we really are. We teach ourselves to be politically correct. We teach ourselves to abide by the new ideas and ethics we learn from others in order to please them. We aim to not offend.

As time evolves, generations pick up new words and terminology that they hope to pass onto others. Our generation specifically has become one that aims to be politically correct. Unlike the other generations, many of us are teaching ourselves to be less ignorant, and incorporate more foreign ideas into our everyday life. Currently, society is navigating a way to make our ethics, way of speaking, and living more politically correct. For example, we are learning that many people do not identify as the gender that they appear to. Someone who appears to be of the female gender might be preferred to be called they, because they do not identify as either a male or female. Some are hearing that others do not even identify as human; and in this society, it seems especially odd but our generation is trying to mold to what makes people comfortable.

Now we are hearing of otherkin who identify as other than human.

Being politically correct is merely walking on eggshells to make people feel as comfortable as they can be. With more exposure, we learn that it isn’t all that hard. We pick up on new habits and lifestyle conditions that make us more considerate of others.

A large problem with being politically correct is that the older generations and even some people in our generation believe that it is a habit that is particularly unnecessary. Both generations would think that trying to be more considerate and correct when speaking about others with different lifestyles is too much of a change. But imagine how much happier people would be when people are more considerate to them! While no one is unproblematic, we can try our hardest to keep others in mind when we speak and live. It’s not that difficult.

Those who are not considerate of others and their lives do not think about how lazy they are. They don’t think about how little work it is to change minor habits in your lifestyle. It’s not selfless to be more cautious when acting around others different than you. It is selfish to assume that when you live your everyday life carelessly offending people, you should take no thought to the damage you are doing.

By Kendall Phillips