Students’ hopeful return for the 2021-2022 year

Tanmayi Sharat, Headlines Reporter

Many students, while happy, were skeptical of their return to school for the following year when the school bell rang on March 13. As the 2021-2022 school year has started as of Aug. 19, new and old students return to their class with a positive outlook on the new year. However, they have many new dynamics that they need to get used to. Apart from following the many COVID-19 precautions, students have to adjust to sitting in classes and being around other students and teachers once again.

As students re-enter school, they have so many new rules this year as precautions against COVID-19 whether it be the social distancing or the masks. Staying 3ft apart or keeping masks on might be a struggle for some students, many believe that these rules are helpful.

“I will say most precautions are really good, especially if it helps us stay in school rather than online,” junior Priyanjali Rudra said.

However, while students are still adjusting to the new rules they need to follow, students and staff are getting back to normal school schedules. Students are really excited to see each other again after one long year at home. 

“I am really excited to be back at school, especially to see my friends and get an actual school experience which I could not get last year,” junior Ananya Nagareshwara said.

While coming back to school brings many students and staff together again, there are still some challenges that students will need to overcome this year. One being, returning to school surrounded by peers and teachers. 

“We were learning and things were changing, so now to get back to this and having a pandemic still going on,” English teacher Erin Drufke said.

However, after a long year under e-learning, both students and staff are excited to be back in school and interacting with their peers. While COVID-19 is still a daily part of everybody’s lives, the students and teachers of Metea are trying to get back to normal.