Freshmen meet outside to create new social connections for Fresh Connect


Autumn Zayas

Freshman sit in a circle a connect with their upperclassman as they tell stories of their freshman year.

Tanmayi Sharat and Sydney Burleyson

As students are getting into the rhythm of a normal school day, the freshmen were newly introduced to Fresh Connect. As new ideas like meeting outside and different activities have been implemented, this is not only a change for freshmen. It is also a change for the Fresh Connect leaders whose own experiences were very different.

Fresh Connect currently takes place on Thursday every other week. The freshmen are split into two groups based on their last names. Last names A-Lop attend during their second period and Loq-Z attend  during their eighth period. The leaders are looking forward to helping their peers and being a part of this program.

“I like being a Fresh Connect leader because it means I get to help out the freshmen as much as they need and give them advice,” junior Hannah Widd said.

Along with leaders, the freshmen are interested to see how this year will pan out. Learning about the school and what to expect from it is another thing that freshmen are going to figure out. Interacting with their peers is another important part of Fresh Connect. 

“They are just like seniors explaining the rules, and how to get around in freshman year. Then I heard my friends all played games. So, basically, it is what I expected,” freshman Aditya Narra said.

While learning about the school year and collecting tips from seniors are a big part of Fresh Connect, being social and meeting new people is a big goal for the freshmen. 

“I would probably like to see more of the getting to know each other type of stuff. Trying to get the freshmen to know more people, because there are a lot of people,” freshman Abhilasha Kashyap said.

Fresh Connect is an event that allows students to socialize and create new friendships and bonds while helping the student learn more about the school. It is an outlet to get to know students of different grades as well as understand the expectations of teachers and staff at Metea.