Metea theatre department makes a comeback after COVID-19


Ollie Shuminas

Mrs. White, Wadsworth, and Ms. Scarlet have a discussion. The two dead bodies lay behind them on the couch while Coronal Mustard stands behind them.

Ollie Shuminas

Lights, camera, action! COVID-19 has altered the way the world works. When the virus took over the world, it shut down Broadway for over a year. The theatrical community was affected by this, for this left many actors without work. Although, many people have had their theatrical experience changed whether that is by enjoying the show in the audience, running tech, or acting. 

The way a theatre runs has evolved over COVID-19. After the United States shut down, and everyone went into quarantine, the performances happening at the time ceased to exist. The scripts students spent months memorizing were put down and never touched again. When they started zoom calls in the fall, Metea’s drama department decided to do a virtual show “War of the Worlds.”

 “Mr. Sturn and I worked all summer on how we can do this show while staying safe,” said World Geography co-teacher and Head of the Theatre Department Matthew Wolski.

“War of the Worlds” was the first, but not the last show done over zoom. The directors gave each cast member a personal call in order to create more time with each individual student. They would then record the scenes and stitch them together like a movie. After “War of the Worlds,” the theatre department went on to do multiple “Mustang Comedy” performances, “Winter Scenes,” and “Forbidden High School Musicals.” These were also recorded and held online over zoom.

At the very end of last year, “Mustang Comedy” decided to hold their senior show in-person in the black box theatre. They allowed four family members per student involved. Allowing this event to happen during a global pandemic was truly amazing for the actors because it made sure that the seniors had a memorable last performance. However, precautions were taken including required masks and social distancing between actors at all times. COVID-19 was a roadblock, but students and staff made it still possible to have fun and communicate with the audience while staying safe.

This year, the Metea theatre department will present “Clue: On Stage.” This will take place on Halloween weekend and the first weekend of November. It has something for the whole family! Comedy, mystery, and death. Tickets will be available for purchase during your lunch period closer to the dates of the show. There will also be tickets sold at the doors. So “Come see clue we won’t murder you,” Senior Lauren Verthein said.

This performance is unique to Metea’s previous shows because this is the first time that there have been two full casts, which will each have three show dates. Even though there are many changes, in order to give more students the opportunity to participate in drama. Some things have still stayed the same, such as the ability to have an audience and the tech crew process. The only exception is wearing a mask.

“Wearing masks, social distancing, and actions,” senior Peyton Owen said when asked about the changes for the actors this year.

These challenges have yet to change the way that the actors feel about acting. They are just as creative, engaged, and passionate as ever.