MPT classes drop Train Heroic


Allison Davids

Junior Melissa Kim is about to perform the hex bar deadlift during MPT class to find her training max.

Allison Davids, Headlines Reporter

With the new semester rolling in, Metea performance training (MPT) classes are changing. Last semester, MPT classes used Train Heroic, an app for students to perform a certain workout. The app has been in use for the MPT program for about five years prior. However, Train Heroic will no longer be used during the class and MPT teachers are making the switch  to use a lift card. 

“Implementing a lift card [is] to help the students be able to see their progress all in one place,” physical education teacher Meredith Jordan said. 

MPT will run the same as last semester. The only difference this semester is that stations will be set for specific workouts. These workouts will have students rotate throughout the weight room. The other change to the program is that lift cards will be in use. The life cards will allow students to look at their progress easier throughout the semester. 

Students’ phone usage has been a concern with teachers. Some students tend to be off task during class on other apps. Yet, phone usage is not a primary reason that the athletic department is changing the program.

“[Phones] can be a distraction for some students, but not for all students,” Jordan said. 

Last semester students were liking the Train Heroic app. Due to the pandemic, last year students were not given the full opportunity to take part in the class. MPT is a track option targeted for performance training. The option is available each semester for junior and senior athletes. Athletes from all sports take part in this class as their physical education class. Athletes tend to enroll in the class both semesters to sharpen their form and muscles. The program combines weight training and exercises targeted to improve specific skills. 

The Train Heroic app was a part of the program so that students could enroll in an in-season or out-of-season program. These programs include various exercises to perform as their workout for the day. The app allows students to fill out the amount of reps, and weight they completed. The same process will happen on a lift card.

“I expect a stronger knowledge about the core lifts and exercise and understanding terminology,”  Jordan said. 

With this new change, the hope is that the lift card will keep students engaged and motivated. Depending on how the lift card goes the program may switch back to Train Heroic, but as of now the lift card will be in use to track students’ progress.