District 204 will continue to implement mask mandate


District 204 will continue to implement the mask mandate despite downstate judge’s ruling.

Sydney Burleyson, Headlines Editor

Judge Raylene Grischow, a downstate Illinois judge, ruled against the Illinois’ school mandate, requiring students and teachers to wear masks to school. The ruling comes from a lawsuit filed by parents and teachers from over 150 districts. Gov. JB, Pritzker has expedited an appeal to reverse the judge’s order. 

District 204 has stated that the order is placed on hold while the appeal is being decided. 

“The temporary restraining order will be appealed and may be stayed, meaning that the order could be placed on hold while the appeal is decided,” superintendent Adrian Talley said.” As a result, the legal effect of the temporary restraining order is uncertain over the next couple of weeks.”

The eight district families in the lawsuit are excluded from the continued mandate, as they are parties involved in the lawsuit.

“Aside from the eight parties to the lawsuit, the District will continue to enforce requirements relating to masks and school exclusion for close contacts,” Talley said. “As such, appropriate actions will be taken for any child who is not part of the named parties in the lawsuit who refuses to comply with district policy and practices.” 

Since the District is interpreting Grinchow’s ruling to only apply to those involved in the lawsuit, 204 will continue to require students and staff to wear masks inside school buildings. The original safe to return to school plan will stay in effect despite the judge’s ruling.